What to Bring

ID or Membership Card
Remember your IDs, both of you will need them when joining the club to show proof of who you are. Once a member, you will only need your Freedom Acres / Club FA membership card as proof of ID.

Remember that Freedom Acres / Club FA does not sell alcohol! You will need to BYOB. Your standard mixers are available for free but if you’ve got something exotic in mind, you’ll probably want to bring those mixers as well. If you are a non-drinker, soft drinks are furnished.

Sometimes it is a good idea to bring a change of clothes and often the ladies bring a variety and change throughout the evening. All the parties have themes in which members are encouraged to participate and you may not wish to arrive in the outfit you plan to wear throughout the evening.

Pad Lock
Lockers are furnished on a first come, first served basis; you will need to bring your own lock. Freedom Acres / Club FA is not responsible for any property that you bring.

For your convenience Freedom Acres / Club FA furnishes towels.

Pillows and Blankets
Depending on the season you may want to bring blankets and pillows if you plan on sleeping over on a Saturday night. Friday nights are not really for sleep overs because the club closes at 4 a.m. Sleep is hard to come by (no pun intended) on Saturday nights because of the sound of the other couples making love.

Freedom Acres / Club FA encourages safe sex at all times. Condoms are available at the bar for the asking if you did not bring your own. You will need to furnish your own sex toys and lubrication if they are desired.

Cards to Exchange Contact Info
Don’t have one? We supply cards that you can use to to exchange swing site handles and contact details with couples you meet at Freedom Acres / ClubFA.

Everything else is pretty much taken care of for you. If any members can think of other items that other members should bring, please email us.