FAResort News – By Jason and Candice

Jason and Candice, your General Managers at Freedom Acres – The Resort will provide continual information about what has taken place in the past, to current events as well as future plans and upgrades to the resort. this is an ideal way for people who are not close to the resort to keep up on the happenings as well as the upgrades that constantly take place.  For complete story, please read from bottom to top.


5/11/2016  Jason and I have been so busy, I have missed getting you our weekly blog.  We are proud to announce that the “Jason and Candice Karaoke Contest” has moved to the Resort.  We have loved the last five years to call Club FA home, but now the Resort needs our attention more to help build another night of entertainment.  We want to be able to give our members a choice of where and how to spend their evenings.  If you have been with the Resort since the beginning, you have noticed the changes already. But if not, hold on, because more will be coming!  We want to thank you for keeping up with us through our newsletter and blog, and hopefully enjoying every minute of your time with us, whether online or in person.

4/21/2016  Do you have a special event coming up such as a birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party or a group that wants to come and party here at Freedom Acres the Resort?  Jason and I would love to help to make it happen for you just as you envision.  We help to set up where you would like it to be held, small pool area to reserving the wooden deck poolside,  and what extras we can get for you, such as easy-ups, barbecues or DJ’s.  And if you would like your event catered, our restaurant manager is always there to help make sure the food is what you would like.

I bet you didn’t know we could do that for you, but now you do.  Jason and I enjoy watching, LOL, everyone see their event happen as they were hoping.  Our staff is always there to help you, starting in the office, to our groundskeepers, to our pool.  We work hard to you can enjoy your time here at Freedom Acres the Resort.

Jason and I hope to see you all here soon.

4/14/2016  Spring is here, and with that comes the weather that the weatherman can never get right.  Trying to predict Mother Nature can’t be easy, but they don’t have a chance of getting it right for Freedom Acres the Resort.  If you are thinking of coming out, but the weatherman has not reported the nicest weather, then take a moment and call the girls in the office.  They will always tell you how the weather is – good, breezy or rainy, you will get an accurate forecast from them.

If you didn’t know, Jason and I live here at the resort full-time.  We love living in Southern California, but not feeling like we live in the hustle and bustle of the city.  That is one of the best parts of Freedom Acres the Resort.  From our deck, which is not completed yet, we get to overlook the Resort, be nestled in the pine trees, and get to watch all the wildlife, and I do mean the four-legged kind.  We are here at the Resort more than we are away.  So on your next visit, take a moment and see if you can find us here at the Resort.  We can’t wait to see you!

4/5/2016  Summer is quickly approaching and we want to make every visit you have the best visit so you can’t wait to come back. For us to be able to do that we are looking for the following help:

Restaurant Volunteers:
Give us one weekend of your time and we give you your resort fee and club entrance in return. The only thing you need to keep current is your annual memberships at both places if you go to both. We have Friday dinner shifts, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner shifts and Sunday breakfast and lunch shifts available.

Office Staff:
Now this is a paid position, $10.00 an hour at 34 hours a week. The shift would be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, hours per day to still to be determined. Looking for someone with customer service experience, phone skills, computer knowledge, Quickbooks and Excel experience preferred and money handling experience.
If you are interest in any of the above positions, please contact me at Candice@freedomacresresorts.com, include name, phone number, which position you applying, and picture, so I can put a face with the name. If you are applying for the office position, please include a resume. Send Resume to candice@freedomacresresorts.com

Hope to hear from you all soon.

3/31/2016  We have survived Easter weekend and getting geared up to start a new month.  Or should I say foamed up for a new month.  Yes, we are having March’s foam party on Saturday, April 2nd.  Jason and I don’t want you to ever have to choose between family and having an amazing time with your friends.  We try to stay consistent for you, but sometimes the holidays throw wrenches into things.  Always check the calendar on the website or make a call to our office to double check the date or time of any event you are not sure of.

If you don’t have a big family or family close by and it’s a holiday come join us here at the resort.  This past weekend we had our annual Easter potluck.  And believe it or not we do have members that got the chance on a holiday to get away and enjoy the beautiful weather that Southern California has to offer.

Jason and I enjoy getting to spend time with our members, whether it be at the pool tournament, karaoke or naked in the pool.  Yes, I did say naked.  We like to be part of that clothing optional side of the lifestyle.  Not many of you get to see us on during our down time, but we do like when we get to spend that time with you.  Hopefully we will be seeing you all soon.

3/22/2016   We are so sorry if you missed us last week. My days got away from me and I missed getting my blog done in time. But we are back this week with upgrades to tell you about in our premium cabins. New lighting was installed above the mirrors, to give our ladies plenty of light to get all sexy and ready to party. Bedside tables were built for all the drinks and goodies to set on. Refrigerator platforms were built, so no more refrigerators on the floor. Hooks were also added to the doors, so you can enjoy all the beautiful weather that Southern California has to offer or to let your neighbors watch, LOL.
We just got two storage containers full of hotel amenities donated to the resort. So you will be seeing more upgrades in the very near future to our cabins. Keep checking on the blogs and I will keep you posted, I promise.

3/9/2016  March is here and Mother Nature is here with a vengeance.  Rain never stops Freedom Acres the Resort.  We stay open seven days a week, 365 days a year, for your pleasure.  Our staff, Jason and I enjoy helping to make your stay with us the best it can be.  Now sometimes I know things happen and not always for the good.  This is where Jason and I need your help.  When something isn’t exactly the way you think they should be always let us here at The Resort know.  You can let my office staff know, you can personally let me or Jason know or you can email us directly.  Jason’s email is Jason@freedomacresresorts.com or you can reach me at Candice@freedomacresresorts.com.  We always want to make sure your stay with us, whether it is a day visit or an overnight or an entire month, is the best it can be.

You can let us know about the sexy, the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright amazing, whatever it may be.  There are so many more of you than the two of us, and we want to do the most for you.  We look at this resort as if it is ours and not just a job, so please let us hear your feedback so we can make Freedom Acres the Resort the #1 Lifestyle Resort.  We love what we do and you are a part of that.  Our members here are not just members or friends, but they are “Framily”.

3/1/2015  Another month is gone and that means that if you weren’t here this past Saturday then you missed one of our biggest FOAM parties yet.  Jason and I listen to our members and we have heard your request for the change in start time for the foam party and we made it happen for you.  We started the February foam party at 10:00pm and it was a huge success.

Another item that has got started is the outdoor Jacuzzi is being redone as we speak.  I was enjoying my day off floating in the pool to the sound of the jackhammer uprooting the edge of the Jacuzzi.  By your next visit the Jacuzzi will be like new.

I want to keep you posted that we do listen to what our members say, good and bad.  We want you to know that you can always come to Jason or myself and we will listen to ideas for events, improvements or just to tell us how you are enjoying your day.  And yes, we even listen to the complaints.  As I always tell members, if you don’t tell me when something is wrong, you aren’t giving us the opportunity to fix something.  I don’t want you to ever leave the resort feeling bad, unless it’s a hangover and I’m not sure other than a good Bloody Mary how I can fix that one.  Our goal is to make your stay one of a kind and that is what we try very hard to do for you.

2/24/2016  I want to send out a HUGE “THANK YOU” to everyone that helped me celebrate my birthday.  Whether you were here Thursday or at the Club FA on Friday or at the resort on Saturday, I want you to know that you helped to make this one of the most amazing birthdays I have ever had.  I also want to give my staff a HUGE “THANK YOU” for stepping in to help decorate my DJ booth and for working for me on Saturday so I could enjoy a day off.  And trust me, that is something I don’t get to do often, so it was worth its weight in gold.

Now if you would like to have one memorable party, you can have it here at the resort.  You can make it a public party or a private party however you would it to happen, we can help it come true.  We have a smaller heated pool that we rent out for private parties, cabanas at the main pool that you can rent and a large wooden deck that can be rented out.  Or you can just party it up on the pool deck and pavilion area.  You can also get the largest card ever, with some sidewalk chalk for everyone to sign their wishes to you on.

To make this all come true, all you have to do is give the resort a call and ask for me, Candice, and we will plan the ultimate party, one that you will remember or not remember for a long time.

2/17/2016  Okay we have all survived the 1st official 3 day weekend of 2016.  The resort is still standing and we are waiting on your arrival.

We had a lot of new members join this weekend and I got to talk to a lot of them while serving them their drinks.  One of the best parts of my job is to get to answer all those questions you may have and to help you feel comfortable without even getting to touch you.   I thought this would be the perfect time to go over some of the questions you may have and the answers for you, before you even get here or that you may have always wanted to know the answers to but was too shy to ask.

Q – Why don’t you allow sex in the pool, Jacuzzi or on the lounge chairs?  We’ve been to other resorts and they do.

A – The reason there is no sex allowed in the pool or Jacuzzi is that we pride ourselves that we get glowing reviews from the state that our pools are a grade A.  We want those pools to be chemically sound for you to swim in.  And personally, I don’t think anyone wants to swim with someone else’s swimmers.  The reason for no sex on the lounge chairs is for your protection as well as preserving the life of our chairs.  I personally have witnessed a couple fall off a lounge chair, yes it may be funny at the moment, but we don’t want any of our members hurt.  You are our top priority.  We have supplied you with 3 play tents for all the fun to happen in.  Whether you want your privacy or you want everyone to watch.  It can all happen there.

Q – Why do we have to check our ice chests with the bartender?

A – For this there are several reasons.  On big weekends, which in the summer is every weekend, we bring in extra lounge chairs that make the deck chair to chair moments.  Ice chests just take up so much room that they just don’t fit without being in the way.  Another reason is there is usually liquor in those ice chests and the majority of it is beer.  Not everyone brings cans, so as we all know there is NO glass allowed on the pool deck.  If just one of those bottles break, we have to clear the pool deck and drain the pool to make sure we have all the glass cleaned up.  The last and most important reason is we want you to have fun, but we don’t want you to get too drunk to where you pass out and miss the majority of your day.  We do offer free water at the bar to help keep you hydrated and enjoying your entire stay.

Q – Can we charge at the bar and the restaurant?

A – Yes you can.  If you are staying at the resort or have stayed at the resort and we have your credit card on file, we can use your membership number to charge anything you would like.  If you are only planning of staying for the day, when you check in please let my office staff know you would like to put a credit card on file so you can charge, then you are able to still use your membership number to charge.  We know you have no pockets on you all the time, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Those were the 3 most popular questions this past weekend.  If you have questions please don’t be afraid to ask, I will be more than happy to answer any and everything I can for you.  I can’t wait to see all of you soon.

2/10/2016   February has started off with a bang and if last weekend is any idea of how this month is going to go, it is going to be amazing.  Jason and I had a very busy weekend entertaining all our members, but it was our pleasure.  Our blog has been preparing you for your stay here with us, but you are going to have to forgive me this week.  I want to go over this past weekend, I know the newsletter goes over everything, but I want to tell you from our point of view how this particular weekend went.

It started for us on Thursday night, with Jason hosting the pool tournament and me running the karaoke.  Members come in to play pool, have some dinner and sing their hearts out.  Jason gets to play in the pool tournament if there is room for him.  He likes to donate his $20.00 to the cause.  I get to help members pick songs they don’t normally get to sing.  I always tell them this is their warm up night, sing songs you sing in the car and get ready for the Friday night karaoke contest at the club and Saturday night karaoke back here at the lounge.  I usually can get everyone to sing, even those ones that say “I don’t sing”.  I can be very persuasive when I want to.

Then Friday night Jason and I, DJ over at Club FA for the famous Jason and Candice karaoke contest.  What a better way to give away Boss Russ’s $100.00.  But enough about the club, back to the resort we go.

Saturday, I opened the bar poolside so everyone that was enjoying the beautiful weather could have a drink with that dip in the pool.  I love getting to watch everyone enjoy what I get to enjoy every day.  While I was enjoying the beautiful weather, Jason was down at the FA Café, helping Jacque set up for our 1st Murder Mystery dinner, that started at 7pm Saturday night.  Jason and I actually got to dress up in our best 20’s attire and got to participate and eat a delicious dinner that was cooked up by our own Jenn, our restaurant manager and her staff.  Getting to watch participate with everyone was amazing.  Seeing everyone get into their characters was the highlight of the evening.  Jason and I are usually working and not participating so Saturday was a big treat for us.  Jason was Ducky Schultz, a rum runner and I was Gloria, a silent movie actress and NO we were not the murderer.  This was such a success we will be have more of these that you can participate in.  Every time will be a different theme so if you were there with us this weekend, hopefully we will get to see you all dressed up in the next theme.  Then just when the one party ended, the karaoke got to start.  I started getting everyone up and singing in costume.  I took off my red flapper dress and wore Jason’s jacket for the evening.   I kept it going till 2am, letting everyone get to enjoy their singing time.  I love getting to do kamikaze karaoke on my singers.  I usually do pretty good at matching their voices to the songs.

After a late night, Super Bowl Sunday arrived and I hit the bar in the FA Café where I served up your drinks for you from 10am till the game ended.  Jason was our beer pong champion for the day and helping to host the party for the day.  We love getting to watch all the hard work we and our staff do to make your day the best it can be.  We had members and residents come in and watch the game on the big screen and 2 projectors.  I got to serve you, watch you and party with you.

Jason and I wanted to let you guys hear about how we get to enjoy the weekends with you, because without all of you we would have a very boring time.

2/2/2016  February has arrived and we survived January.  We are looking forward to a busy month with holidays mixed in to help keep you guys enjoying the resort.  February brings out the end of football season, Valentine’s Day, President’s weekend and the beginning of our extended foam party.  Our staff, Jason and I are going to be busy here at the resort to make sure you guys have the best time ever.

I want to help you have the best time when you come out to the resort, so I am on the 5th installment of how to make your fantasy come true.

Now that you have escaped the everyday and have got to Freedom Acres the Resort, you will want to park in our visitor parking.  You will be seeing some new signs our front to help guide you exactly where to park, but till then, our visitor parking is to the right of the front gate next to the propane tank.  You will need to park there and come on into the office.  If it is your first visit with us, make sure to bring in your ID’s and have a few moments to complete our membership paper work.  We do not share any information that you give us, I am kind of greedy that way. Both members will need to come into the office so they can get their wristbands.  Yes, you need to wear wristbands, so our staff knows that you are allowed to be here at the resort.  If you have a moment to spare, we will send you off with one of our staff members to give you a tour of the resort, but if you want to explore on your own, that is okay too.

For the members that have already filled everything out, you know how this works, you sign for your bracelets and pay your resort fee and off you go to start the fun.  If you are staying the night, you will be happy to hear that we will soon be implementing express check-in.  How express check-in is going to work, is that you pay for your reservation when you make your reservation.  We will have a special door in the office for you to go to and sign your cabin rental agreement and pickup your cabin key and bracelets.  We are hoping to have that up and running by April to help you get your playtime started quicker.  We keep looking for ways to get you out of those clothes.

Keep reading with us weekly and I will keep you informed on what to expect here.  I can’t wait to see everyone.

1/26/2015   Well January is almost to an end.  It’s so hard to believe that the first month of 2016 has gone by.  Weren’t we just celebrating Christmas?  It has been a chilly month, but not nearly what the weatherman has been predicting.

I am on the 4th chapter of helping you make your fantasy everything you expect it to be.  This week I’m going to discuss the rules of the resort.  Yes, we have rules here at Freedom Acres the Resort.  Jason and I have put them together to make sure that everyone has a great time and feels safe and knowing the rules before you get here is half the battle.


    • No sex in the pools, Jacuzzis, or on the lounge chairs. I know you are thinking we are a swinger resort, so we can’t have sex.  Yes you can have sex, just not in those places.  A phrase you have probably heard us say is “No one wants to swim with your swimmers,” and that is true.  You can have soft play and oral around the pool, on the edge of the pool deck and even on the lounge chairs.  We have play tents in the main pool area and keep an eye out this year for more play areas for you to help fulfill your fantasy
    • Please sit on a towel if you are totally nude. This rule comes from the nudist side of the resort.  You don’t want to sit your bear butt on a chair that may have just had a foot on it. If you have forgotten your own towel for the pool deck, our pool bar and the main office, rents towels for $5.00.
    • No illegal substances are allowed at the resort, in public or in the cabins. We are not 420 friendly.  If you are caught in public using any type of illegal substances you will be asked to leave for the day.  If you smoke in the cabin, and upon cleaning we can smell it, you will be charged $200.00.  So please come to the resort for some other kind of fun.
    • Cigarette smoking and the use of vapes are only allowed in designated areas only. The two places I can tell you now that it is not allowed is on the pool decks and in the FA Café/Clubhouse.
    • Pets – We are a pet friendly resort, for dogs, but unfortunately not for cats. There are more people allergic to can dander than dog dander.  We do ask though that you keep them on leashes if they are on the resort grounds and that you pick up after them.  Pets are not allowed on the pool decks or in the FA Café/Clubhouse.
    • Electronic Devices – There is NO electronic devices of any type allowed on the pool deck. (cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras or video games)  If you need to take a call you can step out of the pool area or up at the pavilion and you are more than welcome to use them.
    • Photos – These if NO photography allowed on the pool deck or at the resort. You are more than welcome to take photos in your cabins, RV’s or mobile homes.  Your privacy is our utmost priority.  What happens here at Freedom Acres the Resort stays here.

I know that it seems like we have a lot of rules, but we want to make sure that you have the best time possible without having to worry. If you have any questions about the rules, please feel free to give me a call at 909-880-0803 and I will answer any questions I can for you.

1/19/2016   2016 has started and Jason and I are so excited about getting to share another year with you are members.  When you come to Freedom Acres the Resort, you are bound to see us it several places throughout your stay with us.  You may see me in the office to greet you upon check-in or at the bar serving you your drink or behind the mixer, spinning the tunes just for you.  Now Jason you will find on the tractor, keeping the roads nice level for you or hosting one of the many events we have going on here at the resort.

As I started this year wanting to help you plan your fantasy getaway here at the resort, here is some advice for our first timer to help it all come true.

What to expect: Ok, you have made your reservation and started thinking about what to pack, but for you first timers here at the resort, you may be a little nervous as what you are going to experience.  Remember that we are a clothing optional lifestyle resort, so what you make of that is all up to you.  If you are not sure you can bare it all just yet, then don’t worry about that.  Wear that bikini or trunks and once you get to the pool and pavilion you will see that our members come in all ages and sizes.  You will see that you are at the resort where you will fit in.

In the spring and summer we average 150 to 200 people poolside, enjoying the music, games and each other’s company.  If things get moving in the right direction and you want to have some close and personal interaction we have the play tents right there poolside for your pleasure.

The one thing you want to remember is that the resort has rules in place so you get to enjoy yourself at the resort and feel comfortable at the same time.  We want you to get everything you expect out of the resort.  You will get to fulfill your fantasies, one fantasy at a time.


1/12/2016  This year has started off with a bang and it is only getting started.  Jason got a new event kicked off with the Thursday night pool tournaments, which started very successfully.  Keep an eye on many new events that will be happening at the resort.

Here is another part of helping you to plan your fantasy here to the resort.

Packing: Yes, you have to pack something, but clothes are not much of that.  We are clothing optional, so if you get that new bikini or sarong or tattoo that you want to show off, you can do that here.  The few clothes you may need will be for the FA Café and if you are wanting to attend Club FA.

Then comes the liquor, since we are a BYOB resort you want to make sure that you bring plenty, but mixers we provide.  We have coke, diet coke, 7up, diet 7up, dr. pepper, soda water, tonic, orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice and energy drinks.

We do recommend that you bring towels for the pool.  Each cabin, RV and mobile home has towels in the unit, but for your showering needs.  We do rent towels for $5.00 in the office and at the bar, but I bet you would prefer the beach towels that you already own to layout on, since you will be working on the “no tan lines”.

I also recommend bringing your own condoms and lube.  We do provide them at no charge at the pool bar, but everyone has their favorites.

1/5/2016   So Jason and I have survived another end of year and amazing kick-off to 2016.  We hope that you had as much fun as we did.

We are so excited about the upcoming year.  You are going to see changes to the website, new additions to the resort and new parties for everyone to try out.  We are constantly trying to come up with new things for you to enjoy.  If you have any ideas to help us out, please feel free to email me at Candice@freedomacresresorts.com or give me a call at 909-880-0803.  We are always looking to suggestions and new ideas.

I thought I would start this year by going of something different every week that I think would be helpful for you to plan your fantasy here to the resort.

Scheduling your fantasy: I would like to remind everyone to take a look at your calendar early this year.  You can make reservation for any time in 2016, not just this weekend or next, but months out.  I would rather you make your reservation or multiple reservations and get exactly what you are wanting than have to be put on our waiting list.  Even if you book throughout the year and something comes up, all you have to do is give us at least 48 hour notice and we can cancel or change your reservation with no charge to you.  I want to see you get to enjoy yourselves at your schedule not anyone else’s.

12/29/2015  Okay we have almost survived all the holidays.  One more to go and a Foam Party to help start the New Year off right.  Jason and I want to say “Thank You” to all of our members that have been here to enjoy the resort.  We know you see us always working, but we do that for you, the members.  We want you to enjoy your stay and have so much fun that you will be ready to book your next stay before you leave.

Just because 2016 is coming up, don’t think all that hard work will stop or slow down.  During the winter is when we are gearing up for the warmer “naked” season.  For you that don’t come out during the winter season, we can’t wait for you to see all the new plans we have for the upcoming year. Jason and I and our staff are working hard to make sure that you have the best year yet.

Have you, our members, wanted to do something with all your friends and you aren’t sure where to have it.  Why not have it here at the resort.  We have plenty of locations for you to hold your special events.  I would love to help coordinate it to make sure you have the best event yet.  It doesn’t always have to be big, it can be small and intimate, anything you can fantasize about we can help it come true.  Let us help you make your next event in 2016 amazing.

12/22/2015  Have you had so much fun here at the resort or you realize you are here almost every weekend. Then why not consider being a resident here. Jason and I are on site managers so we get to enjoy the resort every day along with our 72 other residents. Yes, we get to call Freedom Acres the Resort our home.

The resort has room for RV’s and Mobile Homes for you to bring in so you can be part of
this “framily” as we like to call everyone. With your annual resident membership and
your monthly lot rent you get to come and go as you please, get to attend all the parties at
no charge, plus you get a discount at the restaurant. The biggest plus is you get to have
an amazing place that you can call your second home.
Another great thing that Russ and Aree lets us do for the residents is our annual
Christmas Party. We get to serve them an amazing meal to say “Thank You” on us.
Jason, Jenn, our restaurant manager, and I got the privilege to host the party this past
Saturday. On top of our residence we also had some of our members show up to get to be
part of this party. It was amazing seeing some of our residents that we don’t see up at the
restaurant getting to enjoy each other’s company. This party is one of those things that
remind me and Jason why we absolutely love our jobs. Getting to watch everyone enjoy
the events that we plan for them makes me know that we are doing something right.
Jason and I would like to Wish You All A Very Merry Christmas…

12/13/2015  Jason and I want to “Thank You” for following us with this weekly blog.  We have been here since Boss Russ started his take over January 1st of 2014.

We have had the pleasure of making sure that Boss Russ’s vision comes to fruition.  It is an on-going job that we get to enjoy full filling.  I know that we have showed everyone the pictures of some of the work that we have done, but we would like you to know that we are here for you, the members, to make sure your visions for the resort happen.

We enjoy working all the jobs to make sure we can hear everyone’s hopes for the future of the resort.  I do mean all the jobs.  I work everywhere from the office manager, to the KJ on Thursday and Saturday to the weekend bartender at the pool bar on Saturday and Sunday.  You will also see Jason, general manager, on the tractor grating the main drive way to repaving the resort roads to the bottom 20 acres.

We enjoy our jobs as On-Site Managers here at the resort.  If you have any visions for the resort or questions, please always feel free to call the resort at 909-880-0803 and ask for Jason or Candice.  We can’t wait for you to see all the NEW at the resort for the upcoming year.


12/5/2015  If you like to play pool, we are the place for you.  We would like to thank our members Timmy Pruett and Lisa Bise for donating the NEW pool table in the FA Café.  They are avid pool players and liked our pool table but thought we were in need of an upgrade.  Jason is an APA player and he is absolutely in love with the new table.  Our residents and members are enjoying the table.  It is getting the use all ready.

For the ones that come to the café, keep an eye out for the renovations you will be seeing.  We are going to do some painting, new TV’s and more things to come.

You know me and Jason, we are always here to keep you coming back for more.

11/30/2015  Jason and I want to give thanks to our staff for letting us get away for our Thanksgiving adventure that we do every year.  We could not do this without you all.  We hope that everyone got to enjoy their family and friends.

We want to remind you that Freedom Acres the Resort never closes.  During the hustle and bustle of the holidays if you need to get away we are here for you.  Let me remind you that you don’t need to go far for that getaway.  When you make a reservation, since the weather is on the cooler side, we turn the heaters on in each of our units so you walk into a warm cabin, RV or mobile home.  No freezing for our members.  It’s the small things that we try to think of to give you that extra touch to know you are home here at the resort.

Now every weekend is a big weekend for us, but the next big holiday for us to help you enjoy is New Years Eve.  We still have a few units left, so please give our office a call at 909-880-0803, between the hours of 8am-5pm, seven days a week, so you have a place to rest your head after enjoying the New Years Eve party, whether you go to the resorts party or Club FA’s big celebration.  Or you can attend both and not have to worry about drinking and driving.  We want our members to enjoy everything and be safe.

11/22/2015  Well we survived another foam party.  Not everyone imagines doing the foam party in winter, but then again we aren’t like everyone.  You should know that better than anyone.  With the pavilion completely enclosed and the 2 ceiling heaters and 3 floor heater going it was perfect for being naked or in a few pieces of clothing.  Once you are inside the pavilion it is perfect.  The bartender keeps your glasses full and DJ Geo keeps you dancing all night.  We have lockers for you to rent to keep all your goodies dry.  But then again dry isn’t always good.  The pool and Jacuzzi stay heated for you to enjoy after your feet are worn out.

We started these parties over a year ago and they are the best ever.  We found a nitch for our members that give them a place to party without feeling out of place.  Most foam parties cater to the younger crowd, but we cater to our members.  That means you are going to have the best time ever.  That is what Jason and I try to make sure of.

Always make sure you call the resort to reserve your spot well in advance before for this event.  It always fills up fast.  The resort number is 909-880-0803, between 8am-5pm, seven days a week.

11/15/2015  Well the holidays are here and some dates everyone is familiar with are going to be changing up for the next two months.  Everyone is familiar with the monthly foam parties being on the last Saturday of the month.  But we don’t want you to have to choose between your family and friends or having fun with us, so we are moving things around.  For the month of November the foam party is going to be on Saturday, November 21, 2015 and for the month of December we are actually going to move it to Saturday, January 2, 2016.  This way you get to do everything, no choosing to be had.

You will want to book your rooms as soon as possible for these parties.  Foam party weekends we book up all the cabins, RV’s and mobile homes, so you will want to call the office at 909-880-0803, between the hours of 8am-5pm, seven days a week, to ensure you have a place to rest your foamy head.  We don’t want anyone drinking and driving.

11/8/2015  For you that have stayed up with our history lesson of the resort, we are back to it.  Since we were running out of pool deck room, Jason decided he could help with that.  He designed a new deck area so we could accommodate 11 more lounge chairs and somewhere you can rent out for a day you want for your party.  It has a area for you to sit your drinks and over look the pool and tennis court.  Has railings so no one slips and lands in someone else’s lap.  We have lighting under the wooden railing to light it up for the evenings.

So we now have a total of 118 lounge chairs, 4 chairs around the fire pit and the dance pole for everyone to enjoy at the main pool.

We also added more lighting at the pavilion to light up the evenings.  We couldn’t let the deck out do the pavilion.  This way when we move the picnic table around there is lighting for our dancers.


Stay tuned for more history and updates on the resort.

11/3/2015  Another Halloween and Foam party under our belts.  If you haven’t attended one, don’t worry, just because winter is coming, we are not stopping.  We had residents that hadn’t attended before last night.  They started out in costumes and ended up with nothing but foam.  Members came from the club all decked out in costumes and ready to continue the party.

Foam parties are something everyone will love, no matter the age. The foam drops from the ceiling to our carpeted pavilion floor.  The tables and bar stools are moved to accommodate everyone.  Once the music starts it doesn’t stop till 4:00am.  We have an insta-hot right outside the door, to get you defoamed before jumping into the pool or

Jacuzzi.  Our bar is open to help keep the drinks flowing till you are out of your liquor.

The next two foam parties are going to work around the holidays, so no one misses out.  November the party is going to be on Saturday, November 21, 2015 and Decembers party will actually be January 2, 2016.

The best part of the resort is that no matter the age the party is yours to be had.  We provide you the place and the atmosphere and you provide the attitude to keep it going.


10/26/2015   Last year we had our haunted hay ride and maze, but this year since Halloween falls on the last Saturday of October, we are having our foam party Halloween night. It’s up to you if you are going to come in or out of costume. Our foam party starts off at midnight with DJ Geo and goes to 4am. No, you don’t get an extra hour, but good try. Just remember that your phone clocks will change, just not ours till the morning We need to be able to give Geo and Bee the time to have fun with everyone too. Just because the DJ quits, does not mean that the party ends. The pool, Jacuzzi and fire pit keeps going till you quit.

I have heard a lot of people that our missing our event from last year, but Jason and I are working on seeing what new and scary things we can create for you for 2016. If you have any ideas, please give us a call at the office, 909-880-0803, or email me at candice@freedomacresresorts.com.

10/19/2015   We keep getting you up to date on how we have got to be the FA Resort you know and love. The next thing to let you know about is changing up the pavilion area. Jason took out the white railing that looks out over the pool and added the Leering Bar. Now there is a beautiful wooden bar that you can sit at and enjoy your lunch and enjoy the view of the pool and all the amazing members. We had a member donate all the wrought iron and padded bar stools to add to your luxury. So now as you are at the bar, you can look out over the pool without looking thru the bars. We added a rail for the steps going from the pool to the bar area. This way there is no falling or stumbling down as you are getting your drink on. We also painted the cook shack and the bar, burgundy and white with our logos. Giving everything a new face lift.

Keep reading for more of the resort history.

10/12/2015  Hello everyone.  I know it has been a few weeks since I have written and I sincerely apologize.  We were preparing for a weekend vacation and then I was playing catch up.  But we are back and if you have been following us, I am ready to get you back on track with what it has taken for us to get the resort up to where we are today.

We have told you about the heating of the pool and the moving of the cabin office.  After getting all of that done, we realized we didn’t have enough cabins for you to stay in.  Boss Russ went and purchased 5 new cabins that you all know as P1 thru P5.  It took our staff to prep the area we were going to set the units and the installation from the company to make it happen.  Once they were placed, we put decks onthe front of each cabin for you to sit on and enjoy Mother Nature at its best and to enjoy your neighbor.  These units helped us to complete what we call Cabin Row.  If you haven’t been to the resort yet to see what we are talking about, it is never too late.  Last weekend, October 9 thru October 11, we were at 97 degree weather.

That is the reason that we live in sunny southern California.  Stay tuned for how we got to the resort you love to visit today……

9/23/2015  The end of the month is quickly approaching and everyone knows what that means here at the resort. If you don’t know what that means, let me go over that with you. The last Saturday of every month is our Midnight FOAM Party. Starts at 12:00am and goes till 4:00am, that is at least when our DJ Geo plays and the foam keeps flowing. The party doesn’t end then, you have the pool, Jacuzzi and fire pit to enjoy till the sun comes up. If you haven’t been to one, come check it out.

We do this every month, rain or shine. If is held up at the pavilion, behind the bar at the main pool. Jason and the grounds staff drops the side walls and turns the heaters on to keep everyone cozy. Bring inyour liquor for our bartender to serve you till 4:00am. If you stay at the resort or go to the club, the charge is only $20.00 a couple, free for single females or you can come straight to the resort at midnight and it will only cost $40.00 a couple and $10.00 for single females.

If you haven’t attended a foam party, we are the one you should start with. That way it will set the bar for what you should expect if you try another one.

9/15/2015 Sorry guys for not writing lately.  We have been really busy here at the resort, but we are back to keep going on how the resort got to where we are today.

After heating the pool, Jason started moving buildings around.  The cute wooden cabin that is by the office, was originally located down at R-17.  He knew that it wouldn’t be large enough to use as a rental, so what a better thing than additional office space.  The move was a challenge.  It took several hours to get it relocated without it falling apart.  Now in R-17 there is a beautiful lawn, patio furniture, barbeque and a 5th wheel trailer for you to rent.  We have nicked named it “The Palace”.

8/19/2015 I know we have been getting everyone up to date on how we got to where we are today, but I want to let you know about the new event we are having at the resort.  It is Dancing Under the Stars, on Tuesday August 25, 2015, from 8pm to 1am.  Jason is going to be the DJ for the evening sitting up on the new wooden deck overlooking the pool.  We are going to move the lounge chairs so there will be a dance floor pool side.  The bar will be open for you to drop off your liquor and a free taco bar from 8pm to 10pm to keep you fed.  I can’t wait to see everyone poolside and to keep you up to date on all upcoming events.   Keep reading to see what is to come and what has happened in the last year and a half.

8/11/2015  Okay, so the adventure and work continues.  When we took over the resort we had one small heated pool and one large unheated pool.  We knew that wasn’t going to work.  I know getting close is good but trying to fit the 150 to 200 people that we get now on an average Saturday afternoon at the resort into our smaller pool just wasn’t going to happen.

With a lot of digging, 1,100 feet to be precise, to lay the gas line and Boss Russ’s money for a new pool heater, picture attached, we now have the main pool that you all enjoy today.  Jason and the grounds staff worked very hard to get that up and running as quickly as possible, so you are members would have a heated pool to enjoy year round.  Stay posted for what happened next here at Freedom Acres-the Resort…….


8/6/2015 January 1st of 2014 Russ started his purchase of what we now know as Freedom Acres-the Resort. Jason and I came along with Russ on this amazing journey to make the resort one of the best Clothing Optional Lifestyle Resorts in the United States. Jason is the general manager of the resort and I am the office manager. This has been a journey getting the resort to what you are enjoying today. Thru the newsletter we want everyone to relive the journey we have had so far and all of what the future has to hold.

Before we can start the journey, let us start by giving you some history of this resort. In 1972 Tree HouseFun Ranch opened as a nudist and lifestyle resort. The resort held nude chili cook-offs, nude sky diving and held the Mr. and Mrs. Nude International. Doesn’t sound much different than what we do today. Then in 1999 Tree House Fun Ranch transformed into Deer Park Nudist Resort. Deer Park was a family friendly nudist resort which was affiliated with AANR and SCNA. This lasted till 2014, where Freedom Acres stepped in and we are bring things full circle and bringing the resort back to it’s full glory.Keep checking in on the newsletter to see all the changes we have made and what is yet to come.