FB Contest


Join us on Facebook for some contest that are fun for everyone as well as connect to many other couples from Freedom Acres and Freedom Acres – The Resort!

If you would like to be added to our private facebook group for Freedom Acres – The Resort please contact Tom and Bunny or emailing info@clubfa.com or info@freedomacresresorts.com

There are only a few rules for our contest.

  1. No Nudity allowed posted to any of our facebook accounts, pages or profiles.
  2. Photo must be clear
  3. Some contest require faces, photos for these contest without faces will be deleted.
  4. Photo contest run from Monday Morning thru Friday Midnight
  5. The photo with the most likes win regardless of how long the photo was in the contest.
  6. In the event of a tie, the photo with the most likes uploaded first will win the prize.
  7. No children allowed in the contest photos
  8. When the contest is over, there will be a post in the contest of who the winner(s) are.
  9. You may upload only one photo per contest, in the event you upload a second photo the first photo will be removed
  10. Prize will be listed at the top of the contest.
  11. Management may enter the contest for fun but can not win, it’s about the members.
  12. This may be added to at any time.

These contest are a great way to win some great prizes for both Freedom Acres – The Resort and ClubFA. These contest also are a great way to meet new people as well as give you something in common with many other people.