Friday & Saturday at ClubFA

Last nights party was off the hook. we had a fun crowd who were dancing all night long and drinking and having all kinds of fun.

Tonight Saturday 12/7/2013 we will be celebrating huge birthdays such as Julian and Jeri’s and the Ms. FA Preliminaries, so don’t miss coming out tonight

Saturday 12/14/2013 we will be hosting our very popular Mr. FA Contest to let the guys show the ladies how to let it all hang out,  We will also be holding our Ms. Ms No Swing Suit contest for one lucky couple to go to Hedo II in Jamaica for a week (restrictions apply) and only pre- signed up couples who contact before the contest will be entered.  Mark Maze from Tom’s Trips will be coming in just to help Russ do the announcements as well as he plans to do some fun games throughout the night in the club.  So make your plans for Saturday December 14th to come enjoy all the shows and party like animals until dawn.  909-887-8757