Hump Day Hot Seat with TomandBunny

Get to know TomandBunny while they sat in the Hump Day Hot Seat!


Recently we were put in the Hump Day Hot Seat on Facebook in a private group that we belong to and the members are able to ask any questions they wish and below is our answers with their questions. We removed the names of the people asking to protect their privacy. We hope you enjoy a look into TomandBunny

Q: How and where was your FIRST experience?
A: Our first experience was when we lived in Iowa, we met a couple from Kansas City, they flew their plane to iowa and picked us up (yes in a corn field) and flew us to their house and not only was that our first experience, it was our first full swap and Tom joined the Mile High Club with the other woman on the way back to Iowa

Q: What are your biggest turn ons?
A: Biggest turn ons? well lets start with people who want to play with us! LOL Double Vaginal penetration, a small orgy with everyone who wants to play with everyone AND is attracted to everyone! rare but has happened.

Q: What age group do you prefer to swap with?
A: No real age group, we have played with couples in their early 20’s to their 60’s. age is a perception, if the couple looks fun, acts fun, we are interested.

Q: Who is freakier Tom or Bunny?
A: Wow, but Tom is the freakier of the two of us!

Q: Who primarily leads and sets up the play stuff?
A: We are actually quite shy, so we wait for the invitations, however add alcohol, we can both take the lead and get the play started 🙂

Q: Because you work and live the LS do you get less action?
A: Yes, we get alot less action, People think we have our pick of who we want to play with, problem is, we don’t! wish we did but we don’t LOL

Q: Do you role play? If so what has been the most memorable?
A: No we don’t role play, being that Tom is deaf it makes it difficult to do so.

Q: Do you prefer LS trip for play with foreign partners or local play
A: We actually prefer most of our play on a LS Trip as we don’t know those people and they don’t know us thus making us one hit wonders!

Q: Who are the best employees as the club?
A: Our best employees are the ones who work for us! 🙂

Q: Do you have anything you still want to do, that you haven’t
A: We have tried a lot in our 20 years in the lifestyle, however sometimes when we are with another couple, they suggest things that make us want to try it!

Q: Celebrity couple you would want to swap with?
A: Our Celebrity couple we would want to swap with would be Michael and Holli from Playboy Radio

Q: Do you believe in Unicorns in the ls
A: Yes, they do exist!

Q: Most Orgasms in the same day (Yes, I capitalized Orgasm)
A: For Bunny Multiple (meaning countless) Tom two maybe three

Q: How many continents have you swapped in (states would take forever)
A: How about countries, Four 🙂

Q: Bald / trimmed/ aww natural – your preference in partners
A: We prefer our partners to be shaved bare, will we kick them out of bed for being trimmed? No

Q: Has “coming out (as swingers)” changed your interactions with non swingers?
A: Yes and no, we have lost a few friends and some of Bunny’s family do not talk to her, but we know everyone has their skeletons and we won’t judge them. we are out but we wouldn’t advise that to everyone.

Q: When can we have a vodka cranberry together? Haha jk, what is your most memorable experience you’ve had in the lifestyle?
A: Our most memorable experience in the lifestyle was winning King and Queen at Naughty in Nawlins in 2015! it’s a huge honor!

Q: How was it meeting Mike and Holly from Swing?
A: They are amazing, and true to life they are who they say they are. They hosted last years Annual Lifestyle Awards and we were lucky to have dinner with them on the last Couples Cruise and we all talked about our kids and grand kids throughout dinner and then being on their show last week was so much fun! We will be on the air with them again next week while in Naughty in Nawlins!

Q: After 20yrs what would be your advice to new couples in the LS?
A: The lifestyle is however you make it to be. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do and always communication is key to a successful marriage.

Q: If you could what advice would the couple you are now tell the new couple you were back then?
A: Good question, We would tell ourselves to have less rules and a more open mind.

Q: If you could bring back someone from the dead to play with who would it be?
A: All the people we have wanted to play with are still alive. if we think of anyone we will re-reply 🙂

Q: Has there ever been a time that someone has made you feel shameful about your lifestyle? If so how did you guys handle it?
A: People who don’t understand the lifestyle always try to make us feel ashamed, we usually allow them their opinion, we don’t try to change it and we move on. we are who we are, we are 100% happy and we have awesome friends and we love the lifestyle.

Q: How many couples have you had a hand in turning them from their vanilla life to LS?
A: None. we don’t feel this lifestyle is for everyone and we would feel down right guilty if someone were to break up because of the lifestyle and we were the reason or had a hand into it. we will answer questions from people but we always tell them that this is how it works for us, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Q: Have you ever gone home, after playing, wearing any item of clothing that belonged to someone you played with? =) XOXO
A: One that we remember, however it could be more.. However we did play with a single girl “Unicorn” and she couldn’t find her clothes so she went home in Bunny’s clothes. It was a good thing we had our own apartment at the club with clothes or Bunny would have gone home naked 🙂 Oh by the way, we were asleep when she left, or passed out! and she didn’t ask if she could take her clothes LOL

Q: If you won the lottery, would you buy the club?
A: We would make an offer, but doubt they would sell it.

Q: Laker or Clippers?
A: Neither, we are not huge sports fans

Q: What are His and Hers favorite positions?
A: Tom likes it when I am on top and Bunny likes it Doggy Style

Q: What interested you two to the LS..? Who’s idea or Was it mutual?
A: We both dated through High school and actually got married before graduation, Bunny was a virgin when we met and I had little experiences. Being we had no real other experiences we didn’t feel it was fair that we didn’t enjoy everything life had to offer, with many of our friends breaking up due to cheating, we discussed it together for about 5 years before an opportunity came up to try the swinging lifestyle and we have never looked back.

Q: you two qualify as “A Couple that has seen it all”, what would be the craziest thing you’ve seen in the LS. Kindly remove any names lol
A: Wow, this is huge, after 20 years we have been to Lifestyle conventions, Lifestyle Cruises, Hotel Take overs, House Parties, Orgies, Regular lifestyle clubs, Lifestyle clubs where anything can happen etc.. For Tom it was in florida at a Splash party where a guy had a HUGE pad lock on the end of his penis, he stood pool side waging it. Bunny said when we went to Club Hell in Hollywood, a girl was kicking a guy in the balls repeatedly and he kept coming back for more. But the funny story was when a couple called the club and asked us to check the Glory hole for their false teeth!

Q: In the past few years some great changes/additions have been made to the club, anything else you would like to see or have a hand in, in the future?
A: Being we have been at FA for 18 years, we have had a hand into most everything you see at the club today. Currently we have redone the main dance floor and we are installing a new light in the very back of the parking lot and next we will be extending the Buffet and redoing both the carpet and dance floor in the lounge!

Q: Who has a higher sex drive?
A: Tom has the higher sex drive

Q: Craziest place you’ve had sex?
A: in the back of our car at the DMV when we were dating

Q: Do you like swapping with newbies or experienced?
A: Experienced, but we wouldn’t kick a newbie out of bed for eating crackers