So what is the key to becoming members at Freedom Acres / ClubFA?

The first step in becoming a member is to call 909-887-8757 for party info and directions.

You will talk with a club representative. They will need to speak with both you and your partner at this time before giving you any further information. This is to make sure your spouse/partner understands the nature of the club so that there are no surprises. Please call between:

  • 10am to 9pm Monday through Tuesday
  • 10am and 12am Wednesday through Sunday
  • 10am to 3am on Friday and 10am to 5am Saturday

If you get the answering machine, leave a message with as much detail as possible and a club representative  will call back using the utmost discretion.

Ask as many questions as necessary to make you feel comfortable.  We are here to make this the best lifestyle experience available.

The second step is to arrive on your first Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday (Mondays on special occasions). You will be greeted by the office staff and you will be asked to fill out a membership application. These records are kept confidential at an offsite location and will never be released to anyone! Freedom Acres / ClubFA does not and will not, sell your address to a mailing list. Your privacy and trust are one of the club’s biggest concerns and we stake our reputation on confidentiality. Freedom Acres / ClubFA could not have operated this long or have this many members otherwise.

The last step is to be given a tour of our facilities and a review of the club rules. This will be your opportunity to ask any additional question you might have. The staff members at Freedom Acres / ClubFA were once new and just as nervous as you so don’t feel embarrassed to ask any and all questions. After the tour, you go with the club rep to the office at which time you both will need to show your ID’s and complete membership process.

In summary, the steps are:

  1. Call for party info and directions
  2. You and your partner fill out a membership form
  3. You will both need to show ID
  4. Pay your annual membership and nightly party fee
  5. You will be given a tour of the club by one of our hosts or staff members
  6. You are official members of Freedom Acres / ClubFA

Membership Fees are for 1 year from date joined:

  • Couples $50.00
  • Single Females $50.00
  • Single Men Wed/Thur $25.00
  • Single Men Sundays $25.00 and includes entrance into ORGY complimentary
  • People from Out of State, Please call for special Membership pricing.

Freedom Acres / ClubFA is designed for committed and/or married couples. You with your partner, you bring that partner. If for any reason your partner changes, you need to call ahead and let the managers know before coming out to the club. If you wish to bring friends that are not current members with you, they must call ahead for party info and directions before they attend. The membership guidelines for becoming members will be followed for all prospective new members. Remember, the first step is always to call for information and directions.