Ms. No Swim Suit was insane packed!

We have to say that the Ms. No Swim Suit was the most packed we have ever seen it at the club for any Ms. FA or even Mr. FA.    With 5 contestants running for the spot to go to Hedo II in March with Tom and Bunny and Son and Jen and all the people from there could only be one winner.  Candice of Jason and Candice did an awesome job and the audience went nuts for her as she danced to Lay your hands on me.  Jason and Candice will be running out to get their passports soon and off we all go to spend a week at the world famous Hedo II resort.  If anyone would like to come out and support Candice this march 8th thru the 15th and looking for a great trip, contact today to book yours ASAP as last year the resort was over booked for this event.  Below is the advertising poster for last Saturday featuring Jen as a competitor and winning second runner up!

Tom's Trips Ms. No Swim Suit contest

Tom’s Trips Ms. No Swim Suit contest