Sex Club Los Angeles and Southern California

Sex Club Los Angeles and Southern California – couples love to party here at Freedom Acres / Club FA, the best known, largest sex club on the west coast.

Sex is a major attraction as you might expect at Freedom Acres /Club FA. We have over 6,000 square feet of play areas and theme rooms ranging from mild to wild.

One of the things that makes Freedom Acres / Club FA unique is the emphasis on the social aspects in a sexual environment with places to meet and connect.  We are a place where people feel safe and comfortable to explore their sensuality and their sexuality together and with other couples. Many women take the opportunity to discover their “bi-curious” or “bi-sexual” side at our club or the thrill of being kissed and touched by another man. Men of course, are in heaven with the freedom of the visual feast of women in a sexually charged atmosphere.

So whether you come to have sex with your partner with abandon or to “hook up” with friends and new couples, there is nothing quite like the pulse, freedom and fun at Freedom Acres / Club FA.