Swing with Tom and Bunny

Swing with Tom and Bunny is compiled periodically by Tom and Bunny, General Managers of ClubFA and Promotions for FAResorts.  Tom and Bunny will discuss their views on the swinging lifestyle, Travel, Events and Frequently Asked Questions.  Have a question, please email TomandBunny@clubfa.com


5/11/2016    DJ Richie or DJ iLLEST RiCH will be performing Main Stage at ClubFA every Friday!

Dj Richie comes with a background in producing music as well as a seasoned professional DJ who takes his DJ Skills very serious and we are proud to have him in our line up of amazing DJ’s.    DJ Rommel is still with us, we are moving DJ’s around to make room for additional qualified DJ’s that we know you will enjoy both on the main stage as well as the lounge.

Richie can be found at ClubFA every Friday Night on the main floor and every Saturday Night in the ClubFA ultra Lounge entertaining everyone.

Also on Friday night in the ClubFA Ultra Lounge, don’t forget that we will host ROCK STAR KARAOKE with our very own DJ Geo who represents all the Saturday afternoon pool parties and the monthly Foam parties at FAResort 1.5 miles from ClubFA as well as Wednesday nights Secret Desires / ClubFA house DJ on the main floor.  Check out the video below for more information.

4/28/2016  DJ GEO will be performing ROCK STAR KARAOKE in the ClubFA ultra Lounge every Friday night starting May 6th 2016!

Jason and Candice will be taking the Jason and Candice Karaoke Show to the Freedom Acres Resort starting on Friday May 6th and we have been training DJ Geo to step in and take control of the helm and continue the Karaoke Contest every Friday night!

Many of you know DJ Geo at ClubFA every Wednesday night and guest DJing on many other nights as well as every Saturday during the warmer months at the FAResort pool from noon until 4pm and has been an icon at the FAResort Foam parties the last Saturday of every month.

Come and join us on Friday May 6th as DJ Geo takes a permanent spot at ClubFA every Friday night.   Remember, the ClubFA Ultra Lounge is not just for Karaoke!  DJ Geo has unlimited range in what he wants to play in the lounge, so if you have a song request, please see DJ Geo and if he has it, he just may play it!


4/13/2016  Well we are off again on another adventure and we will be attending the Couples Cruise from Miami to the Bahamas so we won’t be doing a blog the week of April 18th – 22nd.

We will be discussing a few things when we return, one is how to make the most of Naughty in Nawlins swingers lifestyle convention and the Danube Delights European cruise coming up in November 2016.

We hope you have a beautiful week and we will see you all when we get back!

Tom and Bunny

4/5/2016  We need your questions for our weekly Surveys!

We send out most every week about 8 to 10 questions regarding the lifestyle and while anyone can ask some questions, we are looking for the questions people want to know but are afraid to ask!

Please submit your questions and some sample answers to tomandbunny@yahoo.com and who knows, your questions may be in our surveys!

Please tell your friends.

to see some of the latest Questions and answers, please click this link

3/31/2016  Naughty in Nawlins Lifestyle Swingers Convention almost SOLD OUT!!!

We wanted to let everyone know that the Naughty in Nawlins Lifestyle Swingers Convention held annually on Bourbon St is almost sold out and the time to book is RIGHT NOW!!!  The main tower is 100% Sold out of their 600 rooms and the second tower is 96% sold out as of Tuesday!

For those who don’t know, Naughty in Nawlins is brought to you by the same people who run Couples Cruise and is the worlds largest lifestyle convention complete with the largest Swingers Parade on Bourbon St Wednesday night as the official kick off to the convention.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday you will find parties starting every day at noon and continues on until 3 or 4am the next day.

Last year the party was so large that this year one of the parties will be hosted at the House of Blues with a live band and enough room for everyone.    Saturday night at the final party, Bob and Tess will announce the new King and Queen and we will be on hand to crown the new King and Queen!

Booking airfare from Ontario, CA to New Orleans runs about 850.00 to 950.00 and the hotel rooms at the convention run about 150.00 per night!  This is the best bang for the buck lifestyle convention you will ever attend.

Book today, click the link below to get your convention package before they run out!


Naughty in N'awlins


3/22/2016   Join us this Sunday at ClubFA for our huge 3pm to 10pm party with our 10pm to Midnight ORGY!!!

ClubFA will be open for all you party people on Sunday 3/27/2016 and will feature both DJ intensity on the main stage 3pm to 10pm and DJM1 in the Caliente Lounge from 6pm to Midnight!  Last Sunday we hosted to over 105 couples and singles and the parties just keep getting better and better every weekend.  We know the weather has been working for us, so we will go with that.  Make your plans to go to FAResort on Sunday and grab a FREE shuttle to the club and get in for the before 4pm discount by showing your resort wristband!  To get the shuttle, just ask the bartender at the resort or call the ClubFA number 909-887-8757.  Sundays are for Couples, Single Ladies and Single men.  We know there are other parties in town and we do appreciate you attending ClubFA on Sundays.  This Sunday Bunny will be doing a Ham, Chicken Marsala, Loaded mashed potatoes, Green Beans, Fettucinni, Yams, Fried Chicken, Hebrew National Hot Dogs, All Beef Hamburgers, Costco Pizzas, Salad Bar, Fruits, Veggies, Deserts and much more.  Enjoy your easter with Family and make your way up to ClubFA for a night of Dancing, Socializing, Food, Drink and whoopie 🙂

3/17/2016   We wanted to let everyone know of the Swing 101 Classes coming back to ClubFA on Fridays!

Jeff the Body Painter has offered up his services to teach and answer questions about the lifestyle to both new couples and seasoned couples who want more information.  His classes range from the mild to the wild, meaning he will sit and talk to everyone as well as host couples hands-on massage classes and light BDSM classes for those who want a little more fun.

Jeff has been an icon in the lifestyle industry as the most well-known body painter in the world, traveling to exotic locations to paint people from Mexico to Jamaica and all over the USA, attending lifestyle conventions in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and club parties in most every state.  Jeff has been on all the major lifestyle cruises, including YOLO, the very first cruise to Couples Cruises, and recently on the Bliss Cruise.

Jeff has been asked to teach classes at local colleges about human sexuality, and was in the adult industry for many years.  He has been in many films and is very well-known and respected in that industry.

Oftentimes you can hear Jeff speak on Playboy Radio doing interviews and discussing human sexuality with the host.  And, of course, you can always find Jeff at both ClubFA every Friday, and Saturday night and Freedom Acres – The Resort on the weekends doing poolside games and resort announcements on the microphone when he is not traveling the world.

We invite you to join us at ClubFA this Friday night to meet Jeff and learn some lifestyle tricks and secrets he will pass on to you and also give you honest answers to your questions with professionalism and a flair at giving examples of what he is talking about.  Jeff is well-versed in explaining to you in terms you can relate to everything there is about the lifestyle.

Classes start at 9:00 p.m. in the ClubFA Ultra Lounge.  The class may be moved from the lounge, depending on the class, so please be on time.

If you have questions for Jeff, please email him directly at jeff@jeffthebodypainter.com.

3/09/2016  Hello from the Ms. No Swim Suit contest at Hedo II in Jamaica!

We are in Jamaica to support out Freedom Acres Contestant Jen for the Tom’s Trips Ms. No Swim Suit contest every year.   Freedom Acres is one of only 10 clubs invited to join this fun week long competition where the girls from various clubs compete in such events as Bare ware, Wet T-Shirt, Talent, and many many photo shoots.  This gives Freedom Acres as well as 9 other venues to meet hundreds of couples from all over the world and tell them about what we have to offer if they ever come to California.  This event is fun for everyone and like any event, some want to make it a competition, the support all the girls receive from all the different club owners and guest is what makes this an event that has been going for over 20 years.  We are proud to be the face of Freedom Acres and we have met so many wonderful people.   It never stops amazing  us when a couple comes into our club and tells us that so and so wanted them to tell us Hi who we may have met here years ago.

Currently Jen and Son who is representing the Freedom Acres brand has been doing an amazing job, she is always smiling, hair done, make up done, appearing sober LOL and meeting sooo many people.  Everywhere we are going people are pulling us aside to tell us how much they love Jen and we are also hearing Jen has already won the hearts and votes of many many people here.  Jen has also competed for the Ms. No Swim Suit in the past and has been awarded 3rd place which is amazing being that it was only a few of us here that year and most of the time the people who place is due to the amount of people who came with their club.  Jen won the hearts and votes of so many other clubs that they voted not only for their girl but also Jen!  She is doing the same this year.  Her tactic is not to ask for votes, but to win the people over so much they will just remember her above the others when it comes time to vote.  Here at this competition, everyone votes for three girls.  They have to vote for 3 different girls and not all the votes can go for one girl.

We will let you all know next blog and all over face book how Jen did when the votes are cast this Friday and the winner is announced Friday night!  Keep good thoughts for Jen and cross your fingers.

Tom and Bunny

3-1-2016  Communication is key when participating in the Swinging Lifestyle!

Often we are asked, how can we spend so much time together and be in the lifestyle?  Being in the lifestyle for more than 20 years we absolutely love to be around each other 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  We are a rare breed as we were married before we graduated high school and we not only work together during the day we also work at ClubFA on the weekends.  When we are asked what makes our marriage successful, we can only think that we communicate everything with each other and we don’t hide anything.  Often we see couples who lie to each other, cheat on each other and wonder how come their spouse wants nothing to do with the lifestyle.

We look at the lifestyle as a great way to meet people, it’s not all about sex, however we know that sex is what brings people into the lifestyle and it should, however after getting into the lifestyle we have met so many people that sex is a bonus as we don’t just freely play with anyone or everyone, we pick and choose who we invite into our lives.

We have a rule of thumb and that is you can only go as fast as the slowest person.  We can spend minutes with another couple or years with a couple before we play with them.

Most importantly, we learn by each encounter.  We discuss what we enjoyed about a specific couple, play interaction as well as what we did not enjoy.  If one of us felt uncomfortable in a situation, we never allow that to happen in the future and if we specifically enjoyed a specific encounter we try to do that again.

The lifestyle can be like a huge candy store, take a a few minutes to shop around and talk among yourselves if you want a specific candy or if nothing appeals to you taste or attraction that day.

We can honestly both say, the best sex we have is with each other, while sex with others can be fun, the passion between us is unmatched and the reason for that is because we talk and communicate with each other.

2/24/2016  We just got back from the Beautiful Desire Resort in Cancun Mexico this week and we wanted to tell all the members of ClubFA about this amazing resort.

We have been to many resorts around the world from HedoII in Jamaica, Desire Resort in Cabo San Lucas, MX, Fantasy Resort in Puerta Vallarta , MX, Caliente Resort in the Dominican Republic as well as the Caliente Resort in Tampa Florida, Club Ambiance in Jamaica. So we are not new to the lifestyle resort scene by any stretch of the world of swingers and travel.

We met the owners of Desire and Temptation Resorts while on the Couples Cruise Rhine River European Cruise and what a wonderful couple they are, we will omit their names here as we don’t know if they want us to say who they are, but having dinner with them they were telling us about their resort and while we have been to their resort in Cabo San Lucas five times already, we have never been to their resort in Cancun.  After the cruise we accepted their invitation to go visit Desire Riviera Maya in Cancun.

From LAX to Cancun was a four hour flight and we arrived about 9pm on Monday night and upon entering the gate you knew you were in another world as we came to the entrance of the resort the driveway, building and entrance was very beautiful and well kept.  We met with the office staff who checked us in and we were escorted to our room which was very nice and we counted 30 steps from our door to the ocean beach where Bunny could put her feet in the water.   We made it before dinner ended so we were able to enjoy a good meal before the entertainment started.

We arrived at an outside bar in the middle of the resort and we walked into a couple who were members of ClubFA so we talked to them for a while and the band was just ending when we came out so everyone made their way to the night club on the second floor where they put on a live show for the guest that we could say was just as good of a show as any professional show would put on and dancing followed.

After the dance area started clearing out we made our way to the roof top 100 person hot tub and started meeting more and more people from all over the world.

We will say the resort holds it’s self as a full on five star resort where everything is included including all your top shelf alcohols including Gray Goose, Belvedere, Chopin , Don Julio etc…  We will just say that we totally missed dinner the second night due to massive amounts of drinking, we were not passed out, we just forgot what time it was! About 5:30am when we were going to bed Tom realized we missed dinner the night before.

for the final two nights we had dinner at the steak house.  We made dinner reservations earlier so if we forgot we might be able to eat elsewhere.  At the steak house everything is included with your stay however you may upgrade to Filet and Lobster for $50.00 which Tom did both nights and if you just wanted to upgrade the steak to Filet that was only $30.00 which Bunny did both nights.  The food was the best we have had above and beyond other steak houses including Flemmings.  Their steaks were obviously aged and tender where you could cut them with a fork.  While all the food is amazing, we suggest trying the filet and lobster one night on your stay, the Lobster was bigger than the Filet and the Filet was at least 12oz

The pool was very clean, well kept and enough room for everyone. The resort was 85% sold out and we were always able to find a chair or cabana no problem.  The bar staff at the pool knew your drinks from your first order the rest of the visit, so much so that we were going to drink soda for a while before drinking and our initial drinks came before we could order as what we had been drinking from day one!  Also the staff knew your names, they never once said Mr or Mrs, we were always referred by our last names with the Mr. or Mrs. first.

The grounds were the cleanest around, we never once heard a motor the entire time we were there, everything from the cutting of the grass to edging to tree trimming was all done by hand. While you could see it all being done, you never heard it thus giving you a vacation of nothing but relaxing and enjoyment.  While you saw their grounds staff, you didn’t actually notice them as they were very discreet and always with a smile on their faces.

The service at the pool restaurant was one of the things we took most notice to, they not only took great care to make sure your meal was to your liking but while we were eating chips and guacamole the waiter brought over a Cream Cheese and Jalapeño Dip that he personally brought to our table that was not on the menu of buffet.  His name is Daniel Albrega, so if your there, look for him. Always friendly and always a smile.

Our final nights dinner was served by Roger and he did an amazing job, we were given a bottle of Champaign and Strawberries and he was spot on with his service including making sure our drinks were constantly full and our meal was as we desired.  Miguel the manager came over to chat with us for a while and he reminded us of Madison on Million Dollar Listings, very well kept and very nice.

We have absolute nothing negative to say about the resort, the staff, the grounds, the food, the pools, Hot tubs entertainment, not one negative experience except for one, we had to go home! Ugh!

We want to thank the Owners for an amazing experience and all the staff who made our stay something to remember for life.  WE WILL BE BACK!

Tom and Bunny

2/17/2016  Crazy few weeks this month so far, Super Bowl was insane and packed and then we had our Valentines party which we thought would be slow and hosted to almost 200 couples and now we are sitting in Cancun Mexico at the beautiful Desire resort writing this from my make shift desk!


and the weather is amazing right now outside.  If you have never been to Desire Resort we would highly recommend this resort to everyone without question.  The staff, grounds, food and drinks are all top notch and everyone is smiling and happy.  Makes you forget that you have to go back to work.  Many people know we travel all over the world and we are often asked what it looks like to wake up in another country, so here is a photo of what we get to wake up to every day this week!


We are exactly 30 steps from the ocean and the skies are clear and the temp is about 80 right now.  the pool is packed with naked people and Bunny is laying next to me as I write this, so when you see spelling errors you know who made them 🙂   So with that, I am going to end this and get back to the party going on without us and say Thank you very much for being part of the Freedom Acres family and we look forward to seeing you this weekend at both ClubFA and FAResort!


2/2/2016  We have been Discussing the Big Bowl Game at ClubFA in the recent weeks and we have now registered SwingerBowl.com to give a unique way to show what ClubFA will be offering on The Big Bowl Party on Super Sunday!

We have been pounding our ads all over Facebook and the internet and on all the sites like Kasidie, SLS, LL and SDC as well as here in our Newsletter!

Please CALL US for answers to your questions regarding our Swingerbowl party from 2pm to 2am on Super Sunday February 7th 2016!  909-887-8757

We invite you to CLICK HERE to go to our new website for Swinger Bowl 2016!


1/26/2016   The Big Bowl Game on Super Sunday February 7th at ClubFA 1775 Devore Rd, San Bernardino, CA 909-887-8757 is fast approaching and we have to say it will be an exciting game with the most amount of couples and singles in one place! We will be serving all the Stadium Foods you have come to enjoy including Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pizzas, Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Over 100 pounds of Fresh made Chicken Wings, Corn Dog Nuggets, French Fries, Beer Batter Onion Rings, Nachos, Chips, Dips, Fruits, Veggies, Salads and much much more. The cost to enter is Couples $50.00 all day – Single Females FREE with current membership and Single Men $120.00 all day. This includes the FULL Buffet, 9 TV’s throughout the club, Lounge, Smoking Patio and Pool Table Room with the huge TV over the stage, Bartenders (two), All the mixers for your drinks, The DJ and Dancing, Play rooms and our famous After Hours ORGY. This is the party that started our Sunday Parties and grows each and every year. Typical Sunday parties you can see 85 to 100+ Couples and Singles, The Big Bowl Party on Super Sunday at ClubFA you can expect 150 or more Couples and Singles!

We will be extending the Hours! We will open an hour early 2pm and close at 2am! That’s 12 hours of Party! So bring plenty of Alcohol as it is BYOB. We do have a member who will be bringing a keg of Coors Light Beer and said everyone is welcome to it! So if you run out of your alcohol, you can always go for the beer!

Remember, the Bartenders are going to be working their butts off for your enjoyment, they do not make any money other than your generious tips! So please take care of the ladies behind the bar for giving up their Big Bowl Day to make yours the best it can be!

It is very suggested, get to the club as early as possible, we will open the doors promply at 2pm and there will be a few pools for you to join in and CluBFA does not make any money on the pools, they are for you the members, however, ClubFA will be donating Free and Discounted passes to give away each quarter but you must be in the pool to be eligible to win these great donated prizes. The Pool Boards will be directly across from Jeff the Body Painter. We will have at least TWO pools and possibly more if we know we can fill them.

Speaking of Jeff the Body Painter, Jeff will be on hand to paint all your team logos, colors or anything else you want, Please note that there is a small fee for different size logos to full body paint. Get to the club early so Jeff can paint you up before the game starts!

Just looked! Game starts at 3:30pm PST, so come out to the BEST SUPER SUNDAY PARTY IN TOWN!

ClubFA – 1775 Devore Rd. San Bernardino, CA 92407. Call us for Questions. 909-887-8757


1/20/2016   Greetings all you party animals!  February is coming fast and we have some major events for you to think about.

1. The Big Bowl Party on Super Sunday February 7th 2016.  We will open one hour before Kick off and the party will continue until 2am.  We will have DJ Intensity to kick off the dancing as soon as the game ends and he will DJ until Midnight for your pleasure.  The food is off the hook on this party, we spend 3 to 4 times more money on food for this party than any other Sunday party.  You can expect to find such foods as – Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pizzas, Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Over 100 pounds of Fresh made Chicken Wings, Corn Dog Nuggets, French Fries, Beer Batter Onion Rings, Nachos, Chips, Dips, Fruits, Veggies, Salads and much much more. So much we can’t even list it here!  All this for only $50.00 per couple!  Single Ladies FREE, Single Men, please call us at 909-887-8757 for pricing and to RSVP.   We will have several pools and we will do quarter payouts, we will also do reverse scores for Free passes to ClubFA or the FAResort!  So there will be TWO Winner per quarter per pool.  If you plan to enter one of the pools, you should get to the club early, the pools will be setup one hour before kick off and close 5 minutes before Kick Off.  Be sure that you know this party is at CLUBFA and is located at 1775 Devore Rd. San Bernardino, CA 92407  Call us if you have any questions.  909-887-8757

2. Valentines Day party on Sunday February 14th 2016.  Monday is Presidents day and is a national holiday so we expect a HUGE turn out for Valentines Day!  Valentines at ClubFA have always been a huge hit with the couples and this year it is on SUNDAY!  We will be open from 3pm to 2am for this party and Couples are only $40.00 before 4pm and $50.00 after 4pm, Single Ladies are FREE with current membership.  Single men must call to RSVP 909-887-8757.   On Valentines Sunday we will be giving away a FREE trip for two to Naughty in Nawlins.  Come to ClubFA on Sunday Valentines Day and party with us and every other HOT couple in California and take Monday as a recovery day!  ClubFA 909-887-8757

3. Sundays we will be changing a few things starting Sunday February 21st 2016. We have heard the comments and we do listen!  We hear three things on Sundays, 1. The hours are not long enough. 2. The DJ’s stop too early. 3. The ORGY isn’t long enough! Well, we do listen. We will be extending our hours until 2am.  So the party will go from 3pm to 2am every Sunday.  The bartender will be on duty from 3pm to Midnight and the bar will be Self Serve from Midnight until 2am.  We will continue with our main DJ from 3pm until 10pm and change the Caliente Lounge hours currently are from 5pm to 11pm to 6pm to Midnight, so we will have a live DJ from 3pm to Midnight.  The Couples only area will be open until Midnight and the main ORGY will continue to start at 10pm and go until 2am.  Due to the extended hours and additional cost for staff and food and towels etc.., we will be forced to raise the entrance by $10.00.  So the entrance will be $40.00 before 4pm and $50.00 after 4pm.  We have never raised the entrance on a Sunday in over 5 years and we are only raising it to cover the cost, we know most people understand this.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call us! 909-887-8757

1/14/2016  Crazy Crazy Crazy is all we can say! We are still recovering from New Years parties and we are already in the middle of January!

We have been working hard working on the FAResorts websites and speaking of the FAResort, you should really check out the site and the daily activies. Jason and Candice have been adding events that work out perfect for the venue with Pool Tournements on Thursdays and coming up Saturday February 6th they are teaming up with Dave and Jackie to host the resorts very first Murder Mystery Dinner theme show! There is only very limted seating and last we heard they were 75% sold, so if you would like to be part of a brand new fun theme night, call them between 8am and 5pm!

People are always asking where we are going and we will be checking out Desire Resort in Cancun both River Maya and Pearl February 15th thru 19th, if anyone is going let us know! We would love to meet you there.

March 5th thru the 12th we will be at the Tom’s Trips Ms No Swim Suit at HedoII in Jamaica, this trip is amazing and about the most fun anyone can have anywhere. Tom’s Trips invites 10 clubs to come party with them and the girls in the contest are bribing for everyones votes. Call and book today 800-285-0853

July 6th thru 9th we will be with Bob and Tess at their very famous Naughty in Nawlins convention in New Orleans right on Bourbon St and Canal St. Bob and Tess throw parties throughout Bourbon st including the worlds only Lifestyle Swingers Parade to kick off the event! Because we were crowned the King and Queen of Naughty in Nawlins, we get to ride in the main float throwing beads to everyone this year! We are soooo excited. Of all parties in the united states, the Naughty in Nawlins is the most bang for the buck as the entire convention package is only $525.00 and the rooms are the cheapest in town at something like $150.00 a night! BUT the rooms do sell out and the last thing you want to do is have to pay twice as much for a room down the street and walk to the convention in theme attire alone! So get your rooms today by calling French Connection Events at 800-304-4493

We hope to see everyone this weekend! Remember, Bunny doesn’t work on Fridays so we get to hang out with everyone all night!

1/5/2016  We would like to let you know about the next major event happening at ClubFA / Freedom Acres.  The Big Bowl Party on Super Sunday February 7th is the largest Sunday party at ClubFA and plays host to over 150 to 200 couples, single ladies and select single men.  Check out the video here for everything we will be offering! Click the Play button on the video below!

12/29/2015  Happy New Years party people!  We wish everyone a Safe a and happy NYE and don’t forget to get a designated driver to shuttle you around this party night around the nation.  If your in California, do not miss ClubFA’s ultimate NYE party as the Oldest and Largest on premise lifestyle club host the largest hands down NYE party with the most people in one place.

The resort is totally SOLD OUT this weekend for the NYE celebrations and rest assured, Russ is doing everything possible to add an additional 30 more rentals before the next year to handle all of you wanting to stay at SoCals most popular lifestyle resort, Freedom Acres – The Resort!

Remember, you can Pre Pay and get in a full 30 minutes before non pre paying couples, get first tables, first lockers, first to the bar and first to the Buffet and if for any reason you can not make it, a FULL 100% Refund!  Why not make your NYE the best possible party and ClubFA has over 34 years of proven track record in the Lifestyle Party Business to make sure you have the ultimate party!

Call to Pre Pay by Wednesday 12/30/2015 by 5pm and get on the “LIST”   909-887-8757

12/22/2015  We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas this year and have a happy and safe holiday with your families.

Please take a minute and remember that drinking and driving do not mix and don’t ruin the rest of your year by drinking and driving, please pick a Designated driver to get you from point A to Point B safely.

ClubFA will be hosting it’s huge NYE party this year and we suggest if your planning on attending, call 909-887-8757 and Pre Pay for this event. There is a 100% money back guarentee if for any reason you can not make it, this is the best, largest most attended party of all ClubFA parties. A party not to be missed.

Pre Paying gets you in 30 minutes before non pre pay, First to the talbes, First to the Lockers, First to the Bar and most important, FIRST TO THE BUFFET!!!

We suggest you call the Freedom Acres Resort and book a room and use our FREE Shuttle Service to avoid any issues when traveling 909-880-0803

Don’t forget, Saturday Jan 2nd, Freedom Acres Resort will be hosting the FIRST foam party of the year from Midnight until 4am with Pool Party from Midnight until 8am. If you are interested in attending the foam party, you will get a discount to the foam party by attending ClubFA on that Saturday night and you can also use our Shuttle service to go to the foam party and back to the club.

Enjoy your holidays and we look forward to seeing you all very very soon!

Tom and Bunny

12/13/2015  Dress Codes, Why do clubs require them?

This week we will discuss Dress Codes and why clubs and parties require people to come in a specific attire.

People always ask why a Club or a Party will require members to dress up when the whole purpose is to have sex with other couples or singles and you won’t be wearing clothes during those encounters. Well, if your going to a Gang Bang or a walk in ORGY with no entertainment, many of those venues have no dress codes as their dress code is that you have to dress down to underwear, towels, lingerie or even be naked at their events. So those examples are a good idea of why some instances do not require dress codes.

Lets talk about Freedom Acres / ClubFA now. At ClubFA we concider ourselves to be an Upscale on premise Lifestyle night club with live DJ’s and people from all demographics. Most of the people attending an Upscale night club tend to be Younger at heart, Dress more sexy or GQ and spend a lot of time preparing themselves for the journey into one of the industries leaders in the Lifestyle On Premise Parties. Those same people tend to want to be around others who take that extra pride in themselves and dress appropriatly.

We hear alot, People in the lifestyle spend a lot of time and money to look good, do you really need to post Dress Codes or Rules of Dress? Yes, while we share that opinion as others, there are always people who want to walk into the Night club wearing Baseball Caps, Flip Flops, Torn or Stained T-Shirts etc..

We always tell people that “You only have one chance to make a first impression” Often times, couples and singles will base if they will ever play with another couple or single within the first impression of the others outward appearance, after that they will know if they want to continue after talking to you, typically within the first words out of your mouth. So why not make your very first impression something that will attract as many others as possible vs not coming prepared and turning off many possible prospective couples and singles?

So our suggestion for new and exisiting couples would be.
1. Take a few minutes on yourself
2. Take a shower
3. Pick outfits that flatter you, because it looks good on the girl on the package doesn’t mean it will look that good on you.
4. Look in the mirror before going out and be critical of yourself as others will, but they won’t be honest with you.
5. Have you ever seen someone wearing something and just shake your head and think, what were they thinking?
6. Along with clothing, make sure you Brush your teeth, Bring breath mints, brush your hair, wear deoderant, put perfume or after shave on.
7. go out with a possitive attitude, nothing is sexier than a possitive outlook.
8. Have confidence, it’s not sexy having low self esteem.

12/5/2015  Everyone loves a juicy survey in the morning!

We used to get people thinking in the past newsletters by sending out Surveys to our members with general things that everyone is curious about.  Such questions we have asked in the past and may ask in the future again are:

  • Do you require Condoms during play?
  • What is the age of your male?
  • What is the age of your female?
  • What age did you start swinging?
  • Are you full Swap?

We ask these, not really for anything important but we post the answers in our newsletters so everyone has an idea of what the demographics are.

All of our Surveys are ANONYMOUS so you do not need to worry about your info being attached to the survey.  So please if you take one of our Surveys, please answer honestly.

We will start posting Surveys again soon and as we get the responses back, please check the Newsletter as we will post the responses each week!

11/30/2015  Single Men and their value in the Lifestyle.

We have seen, heard and asked many things over the years, but Single men are at the top of the question pool.  Below are some comments and questions we have seen and our opinions to these Questions and Comments.

Most commented: There is no room for single men in the lifestyle, if they don’t have a female to share, they should not be in the lifestyle.

Interesting enough, we also felt this way when we first entered the lifestyle, I (tom) have a wife that I am bringing to the table, why would I share her with someone who has nobody?  Well, there are many reasons we have found that people want an additional male in the bedroom.

One could be that the couple has fantasies that only another male can help fulfill,

  • two, the male half of the couple is just as happy and content with being only with his wife that he wants to watch his wife with other men and the fact that other men desire his wife.
  • The male half of the couple may be having medical issues preventing him from performing even with his own wife
  1. Most asked question: What is the selection process of Single men, it seems like you let anyone who can pay into the club.

Yes, we get asked this all the time and the answer is pretty simple, we are here to provide and we do let everyone in as we feel everyone deserves a chance to come enjoy the party until they prove themselves to be undeserving of attending.  So with that said, yes we do allow anyone to enter and their actions deem if they are allowed back in the future.

Our Sunday parties have always allowed Single Men to attend and our Sunday numbers clearly tell us that there is a need for us to continue to serve the lifestyle community with Couples, Single Ladies and yes, Single Men.

For those of you who are not interested in Single men and still want to come out on Sunday to party and meet other couples, we can tell you that the Single men who attend Sundays are respectful and really do not approach the couples unless they get clear signals that it is Ok, not saying you won’t get approached, but if you do, you just let them know that your only looking for Couples and they will leave you alone.  We also have a play area set aside for Couples Only.   Couples may take a single male into this area, but the male must stay with them and leave with them and not approach anyone else while in the area.

We hope this answers some of your questions.


11/22/1205  ClubFA World Famous Sunday Orgy and what happens

Our ORGY parties started as a total fluke at ClubFA on Sundays. One sunday our party ended at 10pm as usual and as our staff were cleaning the play rooms, they could not get these two huge puppy piles to stop playing so they could clean. So myself (tom) and Pete went to see what was going on and realized that we had a few choices to make, one, if we break up the party we would forever piss off a lot of people, two we let it go and let them finish, we opted for letting them finish. While the play went an additional two hours and well past our bedtime, we knew it was for the best interest of the party, so we decided to do an “After Hours ORGY party” meaning, we would shut the entire club down at 10pm including 80% of the play areas and require anyone who wanted to stay that they either dress down and play or they must leave. The party was an instant success.

Because there are always learning curves to every venture, we quickly found that because we allowed Single men into the club that the ORGY party was fast becoming uncomfortable for the ladies and with the extra hours, extra laundry, extra staff pay etc.. we deciced to pass on the cost to the single men and that quickly made the women feel comfortable as we were able to by cost limit the number of single men in the orgy by 75%

The ORGY is one of the main aspects people come to ClubFA on Sundays, many couples want to play with Single men, and in an ORGY setting, women can outlast the men 5 to one, so the women love that we allow the single men into the ORGY room as they get satisfied, they men are satisfied watching and participating with their ladies and the single men are in heaven. Lets not leave out the Single women who only come just to participate in the orgy.

People always ask questions like: Do we have to play with the Single men? Our answer is simply NO! you do not have to do anything or anyone you do not want to do. Can we go in and watch? Yes, you can go just to watch, however you must dress down to enter the room. Can we go into the other parts of the play room during the ORGY time? No, we are open from 3pm to 10pm with FULL access to all play rooms, the 10pm to Midnight is an AFTER party and is confined to one area, this allows our security to see everything and everyone.

What is the wildest ORGY party? Well that is up to you, but for us, we have seen a couple come in, the male half tied up the lady and blind folded her and picked the guys who he wanted to watch having sex with her, she said it was the most intense party she had ever been to and she loved every second of putting 100% trust into her spouse and the fact that multiple men were enjoying her and she had no idea who they were, their names or what they looked like.

Another ORGY, we had two single ladies come in, they wanted it to be all about them, so one performed oral sex on every single male single or attached while the other performed intercourse on everyone single one of them. we still get asked weekly if these girls are at the club. we never know if they are here or not until they walk in the door, but they are both hot and sexy and are not shy about having fun!

There are hundreds of stories about the ORGY that we could write a book about just Sundays at ClubFA. But rather than reading it, come out this Sunday and see for yourself why Sundays are the best Day/Night party in Southern California.

Next week we will discuss the Single men and what Selective really means.


11/15/2015  People always ask us “What are Sundays Like”?

Well, let us tell you that Sundays at ClubFA are their own world. Starting our Sundays on Super Bowl Sunday almost 6 years ago, we started with one Sunday a month and as the parties grew, we too had to grow, so we added an additional Sunday per month making it TWO sunday parties a month. We continued to grow and after another year we found ourselves out numbered by the amount of couples coming through our doors, we added an additional TWO more sunday parties a month or being open EVERY sunday for our members.

After almost 6 years, our Sunday parties are equal to the amount of people who attend Fridays at ClubFA. So you ask, why go on Sunday during the day vs Friday night? The answer is simple, Fridays are Couples and Single Ladies only and many of our members come to party, socialize and play. Sundays we do allow along with our couples, Single Ladies and Single men. Sundays we offer the same music as on Fridays in the main floor and on Fridays we have Karaoke in the Lounge, Sundays we bring in our very own DJM1 playing all latin all night in the lounge.

Many couples who attend Fridays and Saturdays attend because we are one of the few clubs that only cater to Couples and Single Ladies on Fridays and Saturdays. Sundays, many of the couples who attend are looking for a little more action vs the party and social aspects of the weekend parties, so they come looking for people to play with and Single men are hot on the list of what our couples and single ladies are looking for.

So if your looking to Party, Socialize and Play, Fridays and Sundays are both ideal, however we just added that extra spice to the Sunday parties by including Single men.

Next week we will talk about what to expect in our Sunday 10pm to Midnight ORGY parties at ClubFA and the next week we will talk about the term “Selective Single Men” and explain what this means, so keep checking each week for our views.

Tom and Bunny

11/8/2015   New Years Eve is fast approaching and let us tell you that ClubFA is your party spot for this occasion and recommend everyone make their way out to the club on this fun filled night.

The club will be open from 8pm to 6am, but, if you Pre Pay by calling the club number 909-887-8757 you can get in a full 30 minutes early to get one of the tables, get your alcohol up to the bar and get a locker.

We suggest calling FAResort and booking a room and using our FREE shuttle service from the FAResort to ClubFA. With all the law enforcement out on NYE, you don’t want to be a statistic and trust us, it is far more expensive to get a DUI than to stay at the Resort and get to and from the club with a designated driver.

Our hints for this coming NYE.

  1. Pre Pay for NYE by calling 909-887-8757 as soon as possible, If you can not attend for any reason, you will get a full refund.
  2. Get to the club early, while pre pays get in early it is still first in line first in the club.
  3. Bring extra alcohol, you don’t want to run out mid party.
  4. Book at FAResort and take the FREE shuttle service and save yourself a DUI
  5. Reserve your room at FAResort ASAP as the resort rentals will sell out.
  6. Remember to bring TIP money and take care of your Bartenders, they work their NYE so you can have a good time
  7. Please be patient, the bar does get lines, please understand they are working as fast as they can.

Have a happy and safe NYE no matter where you go

11/3/2015 We just got back from what we can only call the most amazing trip of our life.  We attended the Couples Only Rhine River Cruise from Amsterdam to Germany to France to Switzerland over 12 days.

We must say that Bob and Tess and Meredith and all the great people from Couples Cruise did an amazing job and hosted one of the best cruises or events we have ever attended.

We were able to see the sights of Amsterdam for two days before leaving on the cruise including visiting the famous Red Light District, the Coffee Shops, Smart shops and ate some amazing food.  Once on the cruise we saw sights we never thought we would see in this lifetime including an old fort, roman artifacts, Cathedrals, Castles, Locks like on the Panama Canal, The Black forest where we bought an original hand carved cuckcu clock, to buying ginger bread and nugget in France, touring the Heineken Beer plant, Leaning about WWII, the Jewish in Amsterdam how 140,000 were taken and only 30,000 survived, the bridges with all the pad locks you see in movies, Lifestyle Clubs in Amsterdam and France to eating in the tiny streets of old town Zurich Switzerland.

We have been on many cruises but this by far was the most breath taking journey we have ever had the pleasure of touring.  The cruise was all inclusive
including all the alcohol we could drink and yes we drank ALOT!  Couples Cruise brought their very own DJ Bugz to entertain everyone throughout the cruise and hosted nightly themed parties in the lounge.  The people that attended were by far the most friendly people we have met at any event and a lot of fun to be around.

Here are some photos we took while we were cruising.  If you’re looking to have a great time, check out the Bahamas Cruise April 2016 or the huge Naughty in Nawlins Event July 2016, either or both you won’t be disappointed.  If you sign up with Couples Cruise, you know your signing up for a quality five star party with Couples from all over the world.  Please click the links below to sign up for your Cruise or Naughty in Nawlins today!  We will see you there.   –   Tom and Bunny

partyontherhine - smallcathedral


amsterdam benchdinner12096151_1046154922081603_7563234358708578763_n










MSC Divina 2016

Join Tom and Bunny on the next Couples Cruises. Click the link ABOVE for the Bahamas Cruise

  Join Tom and Bunny in another epic adventure at Naughty in Nawlins 2016

Naughty in N'awlins


10/26/2015  Tom and Bunny are currently on the Couples Cruise cruising the Rhine River with 100 swingers checking out Germany, France, Amsterdam and Switzerland.

Tom and Bunny plan to fill everyone in on all that happened on the Couples Cruise when they return.  Please stay tuned.

We will be back for Halloween weekend and we are both not working that weekend, so we plan to party it hard with all you sexy people as soon as we return.  Thank you so much for reading our blogs and we will see you HALLOWEEN WEEKEND at ClubFA!

10/21/2015 ClubFA Halloween Party is the most attended event besides NYE and is ideal for new couples to attend.  When we first started attending ClubFA we started on Halloween night 16 years ago this next weekend.  Wow as time flies.  When we walked through the doors we were amazed at how everyone was dressed in Halloween costumes and along with us there must have been 50 other new couples attending the huge party that ClubFA throws each and every year.  We walked through the door and we were met by the lady in the office Susan and after filling out our information on an application we were given a tour of the facilities by Tony and Mitos who we became very good friends with over the years.  Mitos was teaching Tom all the bad words in Spanish haha.  We have been at ClubFA ever since and never miss a Halloween party ever.  If your looking to check out ClubFA for the first time, Halloween is ideal for new couples because so many new couples are signing up as members and you get the best bang for the buck so to speak because there will be at least 300 couples both Friday and Saturday this year for the Halloween weekend.  Many new couples who are shy say they started coming because they could wear mask to hide their identity, but once in the club they realized that everyone was there for the same reason and the idea of hiding ones identity went out the door pretty quickly.

So come out and join ClubFA this Halloween weekend and if you would like more information, give ClubFA a call! We love to hear from new couples and you can get all the answers you wish to have questions for!  909-887-8757

10/13/2015    We would like to tell everyone about the best Lifestyle Convention in the world – Naughty in Nawlins

We have been to many conventions and events around the world and there is one event we will never miss. Naughty in Nawlins is by far the best lifestyle event we have ever attended. Located on Bourbon Street and Canal in the heart of the french quarter, Naughty in Nawlins hosted by Bob and Tess put on events from Wednesday evening to Sunday Morning in the middle of July. Is it hot? Yes, is it Sexy, YES! We don’t even notice the heat when we are there because of all the parties. Starting out Wednesday night Bob and Tess host a dinner party for early arrivals and then it’s onto Bourbon Street for the worlds largest and only Lifestyle Parade complete with Floats, Midgets, Police escorts and beads and boobs! Thursday is the actual kick off for the Naughty in Nawlins event and the parties start at Noon at one of the local bourbon street bars and doesn’t end, at 3pm they open yet another bar for another party. Dinner is usually on your own and in the french quarter, if you can’t find awesome food on every block, well there is always one of the 100’s of pizza joints and hot dog carts you can grab something at. After dinner there is always a meet n greet just outside the main ballroom, this is where couples come for a drink, meet new people and also talk to one of the many vendors who have setup a table to discuss what they are offering from Tom’s Trips, Dream Pleasure Tours, Kasidie, Lifestyle Lounge, SLS, Quiver to even Energy Drinks and then the ballroom opens with Live DJ’s, performers in various costumes as every night is a different theme the performers also dress in the theme of the night.

Friday the parties on Bourbon Street start off at Noon in two different locations like they do on Thursday and by this time people have become relaxed and the fun is really taking shape with the bars completely shut down to the general public, the Naughty in Nawlins guest are able to let their hair down and lose their clothing for some naked afternoon fun on Bourbon Street. Friday also is the day of the Ms. No Swim Suit contest and the Ms. Naughty in Nawlins contest and one lucky winner gets to go to Hedo II resort in Jamaica for FREE compliments of Tom’s Trips.

This past year Naughty in Nawlins hosted the first Annual Lifestyle Awards on Friday night. This was a lot of fun as we were able to see who was voted the best clubs throughout the country as well as Resorts, Podcast and we were very lucky to be the recipients of the award for Best California Club – Freedom Acres / ClubFA. We were also privileged to give the award to the best entertainer and we were honored to give the award to our friend Mark Maze from Tom’s Trips.

If you still have energy the parties start again on Saturday at Noon on Bourbon street and continue to the next location at 3pm with dinner on your own and the Ballroom Meet n Greet and the main ballroom party with live DJ’s. Saturday night of the event, Bob and Tess always award the title of King and Queen of Naughty in Nawlins to one special couple. We have been there for many many years and have seen many people get called up to the stage including our friends Richard and Daniel of Hub City Select to claim their crowns. This year was different, this year they called Tom and Bunny to the stage! As Bunny was jumping up and down, Tom was still absorbing that our names were just called in front of the entire convention to be the new King and Queen. This is a huge honor in our eyes and the eyes of many of the guest. We were congratulated throughout the evening and we did feel like celebrities and the honor continues this coming Naughty in Nawlins as we will be riding in the lifestyle parade float as well as we will crown this coming years King and Queen. we are very excited!

If your not so much into the party scene, Naughty in Nawlins if full of many things to do from checking out all the historic sites and the food is amazing and lets not forget the vendors and the Couples Work shops from Speed dating to Naked Speed Dating, Couples erotic Massage, BDSM Classes, Advanced BDSM Classes and Body Painters etc..

For the players out there, we want to tell you that you will not encounter a play area like Naughty in Nawlins provides. They take the entire floor of meeting rooms and convert them into play rooms and let us tell you, they go out of their way to make their play rooms nice. The playrooms are dressed down during parties meaning you need to be in a towel, underwear, lingerie or robes to enter, no street clothes allowed. On Thursday they open the play rooms for tours which you can wear street clothes during the tour. The playrooms consist of fantasy themed rooms including open areas that can be made private as well as opened for group play, there are a few BDSM rooms and a Dark Room for the more daring. They also create a few rooms for more kink including the chocolate room where the couples fantasies of BBC can be fulfilled and the Bi Sexual couples room for couples who are bi and looking for others to meet in a safe environment.

Naughty in Nawlins offers everything you can think of under one roof for one week each and every year. Be sure to check out the Couples Cruise for additional fun with Bob and Tess.

Join Tom and Bunny in another epic adventure at Naughty in Nawlins 2016

Naughty in N'awlins



10/7/2015  Everyone ask about our travels and we often get comments on our facebook about all the photos and fun we are having.  Many people ask where they can book and what is our next trip we have planned.  Currently we are traveling on the following dates and if you would like to join us, please click one of the links or Call the number and tell them you saw their trip posted by Tom and Bunny!  Email us and let us know your going!

Join Tom and Bunny on the next Couples Cruises. Click the links below for the Rhine River or the Bahamas Cruise

European Rhine River Cruise

MSC Divina 2016  Join Tom and Bunny in another epic adventure at Naughty in Nawlins 2016

Naughty in N'awlins

For the Ms. No Swim Suit, please call directly. The above travel, please click the images for each event.
noswimsuitadJoin Tom and Bunny and The Current Ms. ClubFA in Hedo II for the Ms. No Swim Suit Contest! Call Tom’s Trips today to book your room 800-285-0853

9/30/2015 What we love best about the lifestyle.

We have been in the lifestyle now for a number of years.  We started off like everyone else, being new to the scene  we quickly realized that we wanted the lifestyle to be part of our lives.  We started off meeting people on the internet for dinners to hotel parties, house parties and making our way to Freedom Acres which Tom has over time become the General Manager and Bunny is currently the bar manager.  We have been all over the world on lifestyle vacations and that allowed us to make life long friends around the world and honestly that is what we love about the lifestyle, all the awesome people you meet along the way.  We see many people who don’t want to know anything about their play partners, we however embrace meeting new people and we can say that the people in the lifestyle are what keep us involved.  Enjoy and make some new friends today.


9/23/2015  What to wear when attending a social event.

The best answer to this is “Think before your leave” Look in a mirror and say to yourself, would I approach you if I didn’t know you? Be your very worst critic when leaving your house because you only have ONE TIME to make a FIRST IMPRESSION! Yes, we over capatilized that on purpose. We see everyone wearing everything from Sweat suits, Baseball caps, Flip Flops, T-Shirts etc…

Ladies, typically ladies can get away with anything, they are the desired one of the couple, yes, the male comes in second by most standards. Ladies should wear nice short skirts, high heels or wedges, nice tops or tops that become dresses, hair and make up done like your going to an upscale restaurant.

Guys should wear nice slacks or designer jeans, a button down shirt or night club apparel, Closed toe shoes, hair done and if you want to wear a hat, anything but a baseball cap is considered acceptable in most clubs.

People always comment that they spend a lot of time to take showers, dress nice and spend alot of money and prefer others around them do the same in return.

People who take the time to put their best foot forward in appearance will get more attention from those around then vs the couple that just got off the couch and decided to head to the local swingers club.


9/15/2015  Tips on meeting new Couples and Singles

1. Dress to impress, you only have one chance to make a first impression, why waste that chance. While you say, this is a no brainer, trust us, we shake our heads seeing what people wear into a club or house party and that is why we put this here to remind you that people like others who are well groomed, dressed nice and shower!

2. Shower, yes we said it 🙂

3. Show up! Don’t make a date and not show up and worse, not answer your phone when the people are trying to find out if your running late, lost or not going to show up!

4. Meet couples and singles at a Club or house party. This way if couple #3 flakes on you, you still have 20 to 200 other couples to meet in the same evening.

5. Don’t be negative, always be positive. being negative puts everyone is a mood that doesn’t say SEXY! being positive is Sexy!

6. If your not going to show up for any reason, let the other people know your not going to make it.

7. Dress to impress! We know we said that already, but that is how important taking the time to make yourself presentable means to others. Flip Flops, Baseball hats, Wife beaters just doesn’t work for most people, if your looking to attract those people, then have at it.

8. Be up front when meeting couples of how you play or don’t play. this is the most akward moment when meeting people is trying to ask those questions. If you only play girl girl and the guys watch, let them know this, if your guy only plays and your girl doesn’t, be sure to let them know this.

9. always ask. This shouldn’t be said either but it really does. If you want to use your wifes toys on the other wife, ask first and let them decide if they want to use someone elses toy. Want to go without condoms, you should ask to verify that the other people are OK with at. Many people are fine with both of these, but it’s always nice to check to make sure.

10. Don’t talk about all the other people you have banged. it becomes a turn off for the other people. keep your conquest to yourself unless asked.

9/9/2015  How to meet people in the lifestyle

We have been in the lifestyle now for many years and we are often asked, what is the best way to meet new couples or singles?

There are many ways to meet people and depending on where you live also will either make it easier or more difficult. When we first ventured into the lifestyle we happened to live in Iowa, yes, Iowa! Are there swingers in Iowa many people ask, well, the simple answer is, there are Swingers everywhere, however living in Iowa made is much more difficult in locating compatible couples and we were not interested in attending the once a month party at the hotel in Des Moines where god forbid we ran into people we knew from work, where we lived, Family etc.. same worries everyone has about running into people. So below we will list many options to meeting people.

1. Websites: Kasidie.com, Lifestylelounge.com, Swinglifestyle.com and SDC.com are a few of the hundreds of sites that cater to couples and singles in the lifestyle looking to make a connection with others. See the bottom of this page for links to those sites and get FREE trial memberships on all of them.. The main important thing to remember on these sites, the more information you put on your profiles, the better the chances you will be to find people who have something in common with you. also make sure you post clear photos of you and your partner, not just the girl but both of you! If you can post your face photos in your main profile you will get more attention than if you post them in private. If you post your photos in a private folder, be sure to open those photos when your emailing someone so they can see who you are, nobody likes to ask to see your photos, so be pro active and open those photos automatically.

2. Meet n Greets: There are many meet n greets around the nation and often times are FREE and are a great way to meet people. You can usually find these meet n greets on websites like Kasidie, SLS, LL and SDC under the parties or events links.

3. House Parties: House parties are a fun low key more intimate way to meet people. House parties host to a small amount of people and often times charge a nominal fee to cover their expenses and often times allow playing between couples and singles on site. House parties are often advertied via word of mouth, websites and craigslist.

4. Criagslist: We do not recommend using craigslist to meet people. many times it’s single men posing as couples or flakes and fakes. they do not need to take time to invest into their profiles and therefore we often hear that couple A has setup meetings with many couples or singles only to have nobody show up with no call to cancel.

5. On Premis Swingers Lifestyle Clubs: Clubs like ClubFA / Freedom Acres is an ideal way to meet a lot of people at one time in one place. Clubs usually offer full dance floors, bars, food, play areas, smoking patios, pool tables, dance poles and much more. many people tend to be scared to go to an actual Club, however once they get through the door, they always say they wished they came sooner! ClubFA 909-887-8757

6. Hotel take overs: There are many hotel take overs such as PurrrfectLV in Las vegas to Splash parties in Florida. These parties are a BLAST! you get a good range of all ages, body types etc.. Typically at a hotel take over you have several days to party and that gives you time to talk to many people and make connections.

7. Resorts: Resorts like Freedom Acres – The Resort in California, Hedo II in Jamica, Desire in Mexico etc.. are a great way to not only have a vacation but you can do it in an adult venue with no children and most everyone attending is lifestyle friendly, not all are lifestyle but many become lifestyle after a few days or a few drinks. Resorts offer many things to do including pool parties, Food, Entertainment, Activities etc… Hedo II and Desire, it is best to attend when there is a group take over such as Tom’s Trips Ms. No Swim Suit at Hedo II in Jamaica in March. Freedom Acres – The Resort offers Live DJ’s, Pool Parties, Pool Games just like other resorts when they do group take overs, however Freedom Acres – The Resort does it every weekend! Call Freedom Acres Resort at 909-880-0803

8. Conventions: There are several conventions around the country every year from Swing Stock to Swingfest, Vegas Exchange etc.. however we always recommend Bob and Tess Naughty in Nawlins convention in July on Bourbon St. To give you an idea of Naughty in Nawlins and how a convention works is, they offer EVERYTHING! If you can’t have fun at Naughty in Nawins you should look at yourself. Naughty in Nawlins starts off with the worlds largest Swingers Parade on Bourbon St with police escort, 4 Parties each day, two on Bourbon St, a meet n greet and the main dance, they offer classes from Couples naked speed dating to Couples Erotic massage, BDSM, Newbies to swinging as well as they offer Body painting, an entire floor of play rooms that cater to couples who have a BBC fantasy, Bi Couples Room, BDSM room, Total Dark Room, ORGY Room, intimate areas and they even provide 100’s of pizzas and water at the play rooms for those who get hungry! Check out Naughty in Nawlins 800-304-4493 and tell them Tom and Bunny told you to call! Yes, call them, they love calls!

9. Cruises: The big thing right now is Cruises and everyone is doing it. they are chartering FULL SIZE cruise ships with over 2,000 rooms and selling them out every year. There are several doing it but we always recommend CouplesCruise.com as we have personally been on 5 or more cruises with Couples Cruise and how we described the Naughty in Nawlins convention, this is the same exact thing except you wake up in a different location every morning! how cool is that? Pace yourself on the cruises, they also host party after party after party! they also host play rooms just like the convention does as well as many meet n greets hosted by Clubs, Websites and other travel agencies. We suggest you purchase the drink package! You can call Couples cruise at 800-927-6672

9/1/2015  Many times people are asking us what BBC or MMF or DVP means, here is a small short list of some examples we found online that may be able to help you navigate the lifestyle.

AC/DC bi-sexual person
BBC Big Black Cock
BBW Big Beautiful Woman
BDSM Bondage Discipline / Dominance submission / Sadism Masochism
BD Bondage/Discipline
BF Boyfriend
BHM Big Handsome Man
BiM Bisexual Male
BiF Bisexual Female
CD Cross-dresser
CPL Couple
CTOA Can Travel Or Accommodate
DDF Drug and Disease Free
DP Double Penetration
DVP Double Vaginal Penetration
DAP Double Anal Penetration
FA Fat Admirer
F2F Face to Face, Meeting in Person
GF Girlfriend
GSOH Good Sense of Humour
HWP Height & Weight Proportional
IR Inter Racial
ISO In Search Of
LDR Long Distance Relationship
LMAO Laughing My Ass Off
LOL Laughing Out Loud
LTR Long Term Relationship
MBA Married But Available
MILF Mother I’d Like To Fuck
MMF Male Male Female Threesome
MFM Male Female Male Threesome
FFM Female Female Male Threesome
MF Male Female Couple
MFMF Male Female Male Female Foursome
MW4M Man and Woman for Man
MW4W Man and Woman for Woman
M4W Man for Woman
M4MW Man for Man and Woman
M4M Man for Man
MWC Married With Children
MWF Married White Female
MWM Married White Male
NS Non Smoker
NSA No Strings Attached
PA Photo Appreciated
QT Cutie
RL Real Life
ROFL Rolling On Floor Laughing
SBF Single Black Female
SBM Single Black Male
SHF Single Hispanic Female
SHM Single Hispanic Male
SINK Single Income, No Kids
SJF Single Jewish Female
SJM Single Jewish Male
SO Significant Other
SPARK Single Parent Raising Kids
SWF Single White Female
SWM Single White Male
TG Transgender
TIC Tongue in Cheek
TS Transsexual
TV Transvestite
TOY Thinking of You
VWE Very Well Endowed
WEG Wicked Evil Grin
WLTM Would Love to Meet


8/25/2015 Swinging Preferences.

New couples entering into the lifestyle often do not know where they are as far as finding matches. They know they are excited about the possibilities of seeing naked people and possibly having intimate relations with others. Below is a list of definitions that may better help understand what each meaning is for.

Social Swinging: This couple is looking for the party. They love the vibe, the location, the music and of course the drinking, however engaging in intimate activity is not on their list of things to do. This couple wants to engage in conversation and dance all night long and go home with their own spouse.

Voyeur Couple: A Voyeur couple is a couple who wants to be in the company of other couples or singles but only watch the other people engage in intimate activity.

Exhibitionist: This couple likes to show off in front of others and get excited at the prospect of others watching, this couple may have rules of not playing with others to full swap with others, but they really love others seeing their naughty side as well as playing in places where they think they may get caught.

Girl Girl Couples: These couples seeking out the company of ladies to play with, often times it is Girl on Girl only however many times these couples also want the make half of the couple to be involved with either his own partner or both his partner and the other female.  There are plenty of couples where the male half is OK with his girlfriend or spouse playing with either the girl only or both where he does not want to participate himself.

Soft Swap / Soft Swing: This couple is looking for the excitement of fooling around with another Couple or Single and often includes everything up to but not intercourse.

She Plays He Does not: There are many couples where the female plays with others depending with or without her spouse / Boyfriend and he has no interest in playing at all with anyone other than his own spouse / Girlfriend.

He plays she does not: Same as She plays only opposite

Full Swap: This couple engages in Full swap full penetration with others. these couples may be ok with Soft swap as well, but often times we see that these couples prefer others who are also full swap.

Along with swinging preferences, there are terms that people in the lifestyle use on a daily basis, please see next week’s newsletter for terms.

8/19/2015 This week we answer some common questions about ClubFA and FA Resort. Everything from what days are best to attend to single men, cleanliness, foam parties and Midnight Pool Parties and more, click to read all the questions and our answers.

1. Your club is open 5 nights a week, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When is the best day to attend a party at ClubFA? Answer, Try all days and see what day best works for you as a couple. If you like Smaller more intimate parties, you may want to check out the mid week parties on Wednesday and Thursday with an average attendance of 25 couples and 15 to 20 Singles both Ladies and Men. If you would like to play we would suggest Sundays with an average attendance of 80 to 100 couples and 20 to 30 singles both Ladies and Men. Fridays averages the same as Sundays but is a more Social Swinging party and while there is play, the party is on the two dance floors with a Karaoke contest and the bar. Saturdays is your Ultimate Social swinging party with two amazing night club DJ’s and average attendance is about 200 couples as well as a dozen single ladies. Saturdays are a younger crowd than any other day.

2. We are looking for Single men, does ClubFA allow Single men to enter? Answer, Yes, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are for Couples, Single Ladies and Single men. Fridays and Saturdays at ClubFA are for Couples and Single Ladies only. Also the Sundays of Memorial and labor day weekend are for Couples and Single ladies only, those weekends we move our normal sunday parties to Mondays from 3pm to 10pm

3. Is a Swing club really clean? Answer, Yes, while we can’t speak for every club, ClubFA has a full cleaning staff and is constantly inspected by the San Bernardino Health Department and we proudly display our A rating on our kitchen door just to the right of the Buffet. We were told that nobody ever gets 100% as there is always room for improvement, so we consider a 98% pretty good!

4. How far is the Freedom Acres Resort from ClubFA? The resort is 1.5 miles from the club and we offer Shuttle service from 8pm to 30 minutes before the club closes. 3:30am on Friday and 5:30am on Saturday as the last drop offs. You can schedule a shuttle pick up at the resort by calling the club number 909-887-8757

5. Does Freedom Acres Resort honor our ClubFA membership? Answer, No, they are two separate businesses. While they operate under the same name, each has it’s own membership criteria, like Disneyland and California Adventure, both owned by disneyland, two seperate parks.

6. We hear about the Foam party at the resort, what is a foam party? Answer. The foam party is one of our most popular attractions Freedom Acres offers. We take an 800 square foot area and enclose it, bring in a live DJ thumping EDM and high energy music, turn on the lights and fog, open the bar for your drinking enjoyment and from the ceiling about 20 feet in the air we dump hundreds and hundreds of gallons of foam down on everyone. the foam can get 10 to 12 feet high and fills the entire area. Most people enter with their clothes on, but like taking a shower, doesn’t work too well, so most are in their undies or naked.

7, How are the Sunday ORGY parties (Monday on Laborday weekend)? Answer. The orgy parties from 10pm to Midnight work out very well. The club is open 3pm to 10pm and this allows people to get to know each other, get sexy and sensual, then we shut down the club and only open one area of the playrooms where everyone needs to dress down in Underwear, Lingerie, Towels or Naked! We also get many people who don’t want to attend early and only come to the after hours ORGY party.

8. We know the club is BYOB, so do we still tip the bartenders? Answer, The bartenders are there for your party, they do not get paid and they do appreciate any and all tips they are given throughout the night.

9. Why do you have two DJ’s in two locations, why not keep the party in one location? Answer, we used to only have one DJ, however as you know, we have many diverse people coming to the club, some love Top40, Some Hate top40, Some love Latin, Some Hate Latin etc… Our main floor DJ’s are told what formats to play throughout the night and don’t have too much wiggle room, the lounge DJ’s get to play whatever they want whenever they want including taking any and all request. By having two live DJ’s we feel that the people get to hear more of what they want, however we suggest checking out both areas because you may miss that hot couple in the other dance floor.

10. How do we meet people at ClubFA or Freedom Acres – The Resort? Answer, this is pretty simple. Walk up and introduce yourself! It really is that easy. Remember, who you find attractive may also find you attractive, someone has to make the first move. Walking up and introducing yourself to a prospective couple will not only allow you to have a better time, but you get to meet more people, even if nothing happens with you and that couple, they may have friends that you are more compatible with. So going around the club and introducing yourself is a sure fire way to make the most and fun experience attending a party. this goes anywhere, not just FA. People in the Lifestyle are looking to meet others in the lifestyle.

Come and check out both ClubFA and Freedom Acres – The resort, both are unique and offer totally different vibes and parties. pick one or both as your place to party every weekend and remember, the more you come the more people you will make life long friendships with.


8/11/2015 Pack your Bags!  We are heading to Hedonism II Resort with Tom’s Trips (Click here for website) for the Ms. No Swim Suit Contest March 5th thru 12th 2016!  Everyone always ask about the best trips to go on and we will post them here, but this trip is the best Resort take over trip we have ever attended and now is an annual voyage for us as we do not want to miss this great week in Jamaica.  Freedom Acres always sends a representative to compete against 10 other clubs around the USA and so far our ladies have done real well.  Out of the past four ladies we have send, Jennifer of Daniel and Jennifer won FIRST PLACE! and 3 years ago Jen of Son and Jen won THIRD PLACE, Candice of Jason and Candice 2 years ago won Best Legs and most recently Rachel of Dave and Rachel won best butt, it is such an honor for us to represent Freedom Acres as Host Couple for these trips and we have established a long list of friends along the way as well as created many relationships with other Club owners and Resort Owners from around the world.  This year will be even better, Bob and Tess from Naughty in Nawlins and Couples Cruise (see our next blog about Couples Cruise) will be in Jamaica for the Ms. No Swim Suit contest this year, it will be a lot of fun with these two crazy people attending.

Scott and Michelle who own Tom’s Trips are one of the most genuine couples we have met in the lifestyle travel business and we are proud to call them true friends. They have gone out of their way to help us out when we had a schedule fubar a few years ago and when our good friends Andy and Cerise had some major medical conditions, they quickly not only made sure they were OK, but to arrange their travel for the following year.  We don’t know many travel agencies that would do that for people, but Scott and Michelle are really about the people. However when your with them, it’s about the PARTY! so if you get a chance to meet this amazing couple, you will quickly realize how awesome they are and you will understand why we talk about them so much to everyone.

Ms. No Swim Suit invites only 10 clubs from around the world to compete and the very talented entertainer Mark Maze is the MC of the festivities. For a full week the ladies work for your vote! Yes, you are the judge of this event and these ladies want your vote. each day is a different theme from Barewear, Crazy Hat day, Wet T-Shirt, Man in Motion (you have to see this one) as well as anything but clothes where the ladies dress up using anything but clothing.  Each day pool side there is a small contest as well as on the main stage at dinner time there is a contest to show who stands out to get you to vote for them.  each year you think you know who is going to win and then it all changes!  You can only join in all the activities if you have signed up directly with Tom’s Trips, so please call them directly to book and tell them Tom and Bunny invited you and we will see you March 2016 Tom’s Trips 800-285-0853


8/6/2015 We just returned from the Naughty in Nawlins convention on Bourbon St. New Orleans, LA and we had an amazing time as we always do while  we are there. While we were there we were able to accept the award for Best California Lifestyle Club awarded to Freedom Acres during the  Annual Lifestyle Awards show on Friday night. along with accepting such an amazing award we were proud to be a presenter for the award Best  Entertainer / DJ for 2015 which we were proud to be able to award to our good friend Mark Maze. Along with Freedom Acres receiving an  award, our good and close friends Scott and Michelle from Tom’s Trips (800) 285-0853 won the award for Best Travel Agency and Richard and  Danielle and Bruce and Robin were there for Kasidie.com to accept the award for Best Lifestyle Website.  We had a table full of awards that  night!  We were also shocked when they announced the nominations and winner for Best Resort and Freedom Acres Resort was listed in the  nominations, Hedo II won best resort however we were overly excited just being mentioned in the likes of all those amazing resorts!  Thank you  for voting!

Another amazing thing that happened to us while in Naughty in Nawlins was on Saturday night at the final dance of the convention, Bob and  Tess of French Connection Events (800)304-4493 always finish the convention with announcing the King and Queen of Naughty in Nawlins  and the winners receive a full convention and hotel compliments of Bob and Tess as well as ride in the first float in the worlds largest Swingers  Parade on Bourbon St, when Bob said that they never know who they will pick even up until they are walking up on stage, he started to give his speech and he said that he was awarding the title of King and Queen to a couple who exemplifies the lifestyle in not only supporting the lifestyle but are actually in the lifestyle and  as he continued I remembered a man who has done so much and was awarded the Sue Gould Award the previous night and was waiting for him to be called on stage, then all of a sudden, Bob and Tess turn to us and said ” This Years King and Queen goes to non other than Tom and Bunny” Ok, I (tom) stood there looking very dumb founded, Bunny is hitting me saying It’s Us, It’s Us!!!  it was very emotional for the both of us, we love Bob and Tess so much and for them to name us out of 2500 people or couples, it really set our emotions and we started to tear up.  Thank you so much Bob and Tess, you know how much this means to us and we would do anything for you!  Join us next year in Naughty in Nawlins July 6th thru the 10th 2016. This year 2015 was sold out, so Call French Connection Events at 800-304-4493 to book your room today. – End