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Swinging in the news is information regarding the lifestyle.


Danube Delights River Cruise

Looking for an exciting cruise through Europe? Look no further, Couples Cruise has your destinations and boarding passes all ready for you to enjoy this epic adventure.

We went to the Rhine River cruise last November and had an amazing time and we know you will too!

We will be putting more information here for you in the next coming weeks, however if you would like to see what you can expect, here are photos of our last cruise.


Here is your boat for this cruise. The Emerald Star. Such a beautiful boat!


Did we mention all the castles we were able to see along the way?  Here are just a few of the 50+ castles to get you excited!


And the Cathedral in Cologne was amazing and HUGE!!!  Unless we were 2 miles away there was no way to get the entire Cathedral into the photo.


Click the link below to book your European Cruise today!

Danube Delights River Cruise


Looking for an awesome vacation that is Kid Free and Adults Only on one of the largest cruise ships in the world offering Clothing Optional fun with over 2000 amazing couples?

Click the link below to book your vacation right now as all the premium cabins do sell out on these ships. You only need to place a deposit to schedule your vacation today.

Couples Cruise, Bob and Tess and all their amazing staff work hard to bring you the premier cruise with the lifestyle in mind.

Tom and Bunny have been on all but one of these cruises and regret every minute for missing even one cruise.

Bob and Tess take you into the wonderful world of a week long lifestyle party aboard the most insane sexy ships on the ocean.

there are so many couples that often times there is live entertainment and night clubs full throughout the ship every single night from the Piano Bar, to the 3 piece bands in one of the lounges to guitar player and singers on the stairs to full on Night Clubs in multiple locations. If that wasn’t enough, how about an entire section of the ship devoted to play rooms for Couples to get intimate with each other in?

Bob and Tess has such an amazing staff to make sure you are having a great time no matter where you are.

Click the Full Ship Takeover link below to start your travels today!

See you on the Ship!  –  Tom and Bunny


MSC Divina 2016



IT’S Happening!

FINALLY – After one and a half years of negotiating on the property – WE HAVE A DEAL!  Rocalta Hotel and Spa will open December 28, 2015.  Watch out website for the booking engine to appear in about three weeks.  Or drop us an email – inquire@Rocalta.com

Rocalta Hotel and Spa is an adults-only, couples resort with a secluded ambiance, playful clothing optional areas, sumptuous suites and stylish venues for guest interaction.

We will be updating as we move forward. Please spread the word and join us on Facebook.com/Rocalta and Twitter.com/RocaltaHotel.

Drop us an email at Inquire@Rocalta.com or call 855-554-0151

Our Booking Engine will be on our website in October for online reservations!

Cheers! Paul and Raquel






There has been many rumors running around, thanks to a small group of competitors, haters (haters gonna hate) and jealous people. It has been my policy to ignore these rumors, lies and whispers until recently when it has simply gotten out of hand. I will address this below, but rest assurred that the truth is coming out and the people responsible for trying to cause us to fail, will not succeed.

We appreciate the support we have received from so many friends and wonderful people. We look forward to seeing you all on the next Couples Cruise.

Bob & Tess


Rumors, lies and whispers
“Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.”
― Shannon L. Alder

We have received some calls and emails asking if we are going out of business, going bankrupt and if our cruise is going to be cancelled. The answer is no to all of these questions.

When you hear rumors of our demise, consider the source. In most cases, they are coming from competitors of ours or people only selling our competitor’s products. Do they have something to gain from causing doubt about our cruises? You betcha.

Here is the straight scoop to set the record straight (with some facts and figures):

I co-founded Couples Cruise Inc with Wayne Kraushar back in 2006 when we worked on our first cruise together. Tess & I sold 70 cabins on that group and Wayne sold 30. It was a 2 week cruise in the Mediterranean and Couples Cruise was born. Several years later we incorporated in New Jersey as Couples Cruise, Inc. We worked together until 2013 when a hostile takeover of Couples Cruise, Inc was attempted. I went to court and prevailed and I eventually bought out my partner and Couples Cruise, Inc was owned by me.

As part of our settlement agreement, I created a new company, called Couples Cruise, LLC which is the company that has contracted with MSC Cruises (April 2015 & 2016) and Emerald Waterways (Oct 2015 European Rhine River Cruise). We had agreed to close Couples Cruise Inc at the end of 2014 and each move on in our own direction.

After taking over Couples Cruise Inc, we had record sales and the Independence was the largest lifestyle cruise in history with 1,529 cabins.

Both Wayne and I loaned money into the company and we both hoped to be paid back at the end of the year, but after expenses, we ended up in the red and was unable to pay either of us back. Wayne and Icould not come to an agreement on how to close out Couples Cruise, Inc and in the end, Wayne (now a partner in Bliss) filed an involuntary bankruptcy for our old company without our knowledge.

Now that Wayne and I are competitors, he filed this bankruptcy for the old company, which was no longer doing business, solely to cause a lot of rumors that our new Couples Cruise, LLC cruises were in jeopardy of being cancelled. There were newsletters, rumors and emails from Topless Travel (a partner in Bliss Cruises) as well as some of their exclusive retailers like Right Connection Travel and Erotic Adult Travel that said either that we were going out of business or insinuated that the company which had chartered the MSC Divina was in bankruptcy.

Again, this is not true.

“A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”
― Terry Pratchett, The Truth

Couples Cruise, LLC, a Louisiana corporation is not in bankruptcy. The old company (Couples Cruise, Inc) that I owned with Wayne (now a partner in Bliss) is in bankruptcy that was initiated by Wayne, not me. We will go through that process and close that company down, as planned, but that has no effect on our current company that is contracting our future cruises.

Here are the facts: 

We sold out our Yacht Club takeover (April 2015) and it was a huge success. We got high ratings from our passengers and the MSC Divina was impressive and a perfect fit for our charters. Some of the same people spreading rumors now said that the Yacht Club charter would never sail. They were wrong and did not succeed in deterring a sellout.

Our next charter (Oct 2015 European Rhine River Cruise) is paid in full. We still have a few cabins left, but it is 85% sold out and has no chance of being cancelled. This will be a great experience exploring Europe on a beautiful new ship with no kids, a clothing optional pool and a playroom. If you haven’t booked this yet, you can by going to https://secureregistrationonline.com/euro_2015/decks.php?affiliateId=16395

The MSC Divina Cruise (April 2016) is right on track with sales and we are expecting one of our biggest (if not THE biggest lifestyle cruises in history). Right now, we have just over 900 cabins sold (just over 51%) with over 7 months to go. Just to give you some history, last year we sold 850 cabins at this point for the Independence, so we are slightly ahead of sales for last year’s record breaking sales. If we keep on the same track, we will sell about 1,588 cabins which is about 60 more than we sold last year.

Some companies grey out cabins to make it look like they have sold more cabins and then they advertise “Cabins just became available due to some cancellations.” Don’t believe what you hear, believe what you see. Don’t believe promises, look at history.

An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.
Mae West

To give you some reference, if Bliss sells out their entire ship, they will sell 1,443 cabins. We should sell that many cabins and probably more. We may not sell out the ship, but we only need to sell about 65% of the ship to break even and we should do that in another month or so. We are going to sail and put on our best cruise ever. We have the best staff, the best history and the best ship for this cruise. It is bigger, newer and nicer than any lifestyle charter in history.

Come make history with us: https://secureregistrationonline.com/divina_2016/decks.php?affiliateId=16395

More facts: 

Serious misfortunes, originating in misrepresentation, frequently flow
and spread before they can be dissipated by truth.
George Washington letter to John Jay, May 8, 1796

In 2015, another company I own (completely separate from Couples Cruise) had it’s largest convention in history and that event has grown year after year. This company, French Connection Events, Inc (FCE), has been in the lifestyle business for over 19 years. In all, French Connection Events has produced over 40 complete hotel buyouts (like LLIVE, Naughty in N’awlins, Miami in May, Couples Fest in Key West and the Chicago Adventure), as well as many large Resort takeovers. This shows that I know what I am doing and the companies I have run have longevity and a solid business plan.

Even Hurricane Katrina could not cancel one of our events. We are resilient (like the New Orleans community) and we aren’t going anywhere. We are often imitated but we will never be duplicated.

In conclusion, remember that the same people that are selling our demise have been selling our charters and making a lot of money from us for years. Only when they became competitors of ours did they stop selling our cruises. In fact, not only did they stop selling our charters, but they even removed French Connection Events  from their website (SLS), even though this event was produced by a different company. Not only were they trying to hurt our businesses, but they were preventing their own members from seeing who was going to Couples Cruises and FCE events like Naughty in N’awlins.

This wasn’t our intention, as we agreed to sell their cruises and hoped to work with them as partners. I guess we have two different philosophies. We just wanted you to know the truth.

If you hear anything or get any emails that concern you, please forward them to us. We cannot address any issues unless we are made aware of them. Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us or call us.

Bob & Tess







Saturday September 19th 2015  @ Freedom Acres – The Resort and ClubFA
Five contestants are needed to compete for Ms. FA and go on to Hedo to represent Freedom Acres!
Mark Maze will be at Freedom Acres as MC / Entertainer!
How to compete.
Email a small Bio and photo to Tom and Bunny at TomandBunny@yahoo.com to be included in the competition.
Know you can travel out of the country March 4th thru 12th 2016
Have a Passport.
Know that you will need to sign a photo release, no exceptions, so if you can’t show your face, please do not sign up! 


Join Tom and Bunny at Hedo II for the Ms. No Swim Suit Contest March 5th thru 12th 2016.

Freedom Acres / ClubFA is looking for people to compete in our Ms. Freedom Acres Contest for the title of Ms. FA and the winner will go to Hedo II in Jamaica to represent Freedom Acres for the Ms. No Swim Suit contest.
If the winner can not travel for whatever reason, we will turn the reigns over to the runner up, so there is always a second chance to go!
Winner will receive her Airfare and her half of the room paid for compliments of Tom’s Trips.  Her Spouse is welcome to attend with her, he would only need to pay his airfare and his porttion of the room.  if the Spouse chooses not to attend, you may be required to share a room with another contestant from another club.  This is HUGE!!!
Tom and Bunny will be at Hedo II as your host couple and Freedom Acres Managers, however you won’t be going alone!  We already know of over 10 couples from ClubFA who have already booked their trips for that week and will be there to cheer you on!
Freedom Acres has had much success with the Ms. No Swim Suit, our very first contestant Jennifer WON the title and more recently Jen of Son and Jen took Third Place and received the flowers on stage.  Candice of Jason and Candice won Best Legs among her peers as well as Rachel of Dave and Rachel won Best Butt among her peers.
This year we will start the contest at the main pool of Freedom Acres – The Resort at 3pm as the very talented Mark Maze comes to us compliments of Tom’s Trips and will be our MC, Host, Game Show Host, Comedian, Magician, Singer and all around Entertainer, Voted the Lifestyle industries Number 1 Entertainer 2015 comences the contest. we have no idea what he has in store but he is always very fun.  After the pool side activities we move the party to ClubFA for the finals and to announce the winner Ms. FA!
SOMEONE IS GOING TO HEDO II with Tom and Bunny to represent Freedom Acres!  Will it be you?
Everyone is always asking where to travel to and where we are going, we suggest if you do not want to compete at all, join us for this amazing week in Jamaica at the beautiful Hedo II resort with not just Freedom Acres but 9 other clubs in attendance. A fun Filled Week For Everyone!
Remember, if you want to compete, Email TomandBunny@yahoo.com Today as space is limited.



Often copied but never duplicated! This is the signature event for Tom’s Trips.  We have been hosting the Ms No Swimsuit contest at Hedonism II for 16 years.  When you book with Tom’s Trips you have the exclusive opportunity to be a judge at this world famous event.

Ms. No Swimsuit Winners

Ms. No Swimsuit Winners

MS. No Swimsuit was the BIGGEST event at Hedonism II in 2015

NoSwimsuit2015 8422

We had another amazing trip in 2015.  We had some amazing contestants including an upset winner.  This contest continues to evolve and the combination of established clubs and return guests with new clubs and a younger crown are keeping this group fresh and exciting.

We had over 350 guests for the Ms. No Swimsuit Contest alone not to mention all those who came just to check it out.  We started off with Naughty School Girl Night, and let me tell you there were some naughty girls.  DJ Mark Maze got the party started each day at the nude pool with our nude pool happy hours.  These daily pool parties packed the pool each day, I am sure glad the Fire Marshal never showed up because we were way over the limit in the pool and the hot tub.  This year we had too to the pub crawl twice because of the overwhelming demand.  The bare ware costumes left little to the imagination with all kinds of erotic and exotic outfits.  Our Wet and Wicked Catamaran was so much fun it is illegal to talk about, maybe

NoSwimsuit2015 8423

you can catch a pic or two at www.noswimsuit.com though.   All of the contestants worked really hard to bribe the judges and “earn” as many votes as they could, but in the end there can only be one winner.  We are very proud to announce Lolita from Trapeze Fort Lauderdale as Ms. No Swimsuit 2015.

Your really don’t want to miss out on the 2016 trip, which will of course feature on the sexiest ladies from the hottest swing clubs in North America.  Tom’s Trips will have special events each day and night that you can only be a part of if you book your trip with Tom’s Trips or one of our partners.

 The Contestants will be competing in events throughout the week to earn your vote:

Call today and tell them Tom and Bunny invited you!




Naughty in Nawlins Announces Tom and Bunny as the King and Queen of the convention 2015!



Naughty in Nawlins the largest Swingers convention in the USA in New Orleans, LA has named Tom and Bunny as the King and Queen of the convention 2015….

On Saturday August 1st 2015 at 11 pm Bob and Tess named Tom and Bunny as the newest King and Queen of the Naughty in Nawlins Swingers convention 2015.  As announced by Bob and Tess, they never know who will be crowned from one year to the next and often times out of the mass amounts of people attending they don’t even know until they start announcing who will be crowned. Bob said that this year they were awarding the title to a couple who best exemplifies the lifestyle and not just works in the lifestyle but is actually part of the lifestyle and this years King and Queen are non other than Tom and Bunny!  As Tom stood there dumb founded, Bunny is jumping up and down saying It’s Us It’s Us as she is hitting Tom.  Tess later said the look on Tom’s face was priceless!

Naughty in Nawlins is the largest convention running for 17 years in the great city of New Orleans, LA and has taken over entire hotels to handle the amount of couples attending and each year it just gets bigger and bigger.  You can expect two Bourbon street parties every day of the convention starting at one location at noon and moving the party to another location at 3 pm. Each night there is a meet n greet before the dance just outside the ball rooms and when the ball rooms open, the party turns into high gear.  11 pm the play rooms open until 3 am and let us tell you about the play rooms. Bob and Tess take the entire floor of meeting rooms and convert them into themed play rooms for three nights as well as some more private hotel rooms for others.  You can expect to find a huge open area with sheer curtains all over to create a sexy seductive vibe and then there is the dungeons, the dark room where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face! to the chocolate room that caters to the couples where the wives have a BBC fantasy and there is also a Bi Couples room for the more adventurous couples can go play.  Everyone is welcome at Naughty in Nawlins (single men must have a female to attend) and the acceptance for everyone is what makes this convention what it is.  The Ball room dances are off the top with actors performing acts, midgets, girls on stilts, naked women painted as tigers in cages and more. each year the theme changes and every day has a theme.

If you would like to party with Tom and Bunny and many people from ClubFA / Freedom Acres, call French Connection events today and tell them Tom and Bunny invited you! 800-304-4493






The Annual Lifestyle Awards were held Friday August 30th 2015 at the Naughty in Nawlins Convention in New Orleans and a host of Clubs, Websites, Podcast and many more were the recipients of many awards this year. The awards show was hosted by Mike and Holli of Swing with Mike and Holly of Playboy Radio.

This was the first year the awards were hosted at the Naughty in Nawlins Convention and the audience was packed full of people waiting to see who was going to win the Best Pod Cast, The Best Club, The Best Website etc…  Well, we have all the information here for you!  Below is a list of the nominations for each category as well as the Winner for each category.   Do you know these people? Congratulations to all the Nominees and the Winners of each Category.


NOMINEES – Swinger Safari – Swingers App – Mixxter

WINNER Swinger Safari


NOMINEES – OpenLove101 – Sex with Dr.Jess – The Hidden Swing

WINNER OpenLove101


NOMINEES – Adam & Eve – Wicked Temptations – Yandy



NOMINEES – Dirty Vegas (May 14-17, 2015) – Naughty in N’awlins (Aug 6-10, 2014) – Sin City 5 (May 25-31,2015)

WINNER Naughty in N’awlins (Aug 6-10, 2014)


NOMINEES – Couples Cruise Cozumel (Jan 2014) – Couples Cruise Mexico (May 2014) – Couples Cruise Roatan (Nov 2014)

WINNER Couples Cruise Roatan (Nov 2014)


NOMINEES – Dr.Jess: Sexologist – Holli & Michael: Relationship building seminars – Royce (AKA Magic Fingers) Sensual Massage

WINNER Holli & Michael: Relationship building seminars


NOMINEES – Hedonism Events – SLS Exchance – Vibe



NOMINEES – DJ Augie de la Rosa – Dominatrix of Ditties: Comedian – Mark Maze: Comedian, Hypnosis, DJ

WINNER Mark Maze: Comedian, Hypnosis, DJ


NOMINEES – Life on the Swingset – Swing with Michael & Holli – Swinger Cast

WINNER Swing with Michael & Holli


NOMINEES – Desire Riviera Maya: Puerto Morales, Mexico – Desire Pearl: Puerto Morales, Mexico – Freedom Acres Resort: San Bernardino, CA – Hedonism Resort: Negril, Jamaica

WINNER Hedonism Resort: Negril, Jamaica


NOMINEES – Castaways Travel – TheSwingerCruise.com – Tom’s Trips

WINNER Tom’s Trips


NOMINEES – Fluffernutter’s – Ms. No Swimsuit – SexGames

WINNER Sex Games


NOMINEES – Adult Travel Forum – Life on the Swingset – The Swingers Hub

WINNER Life on the Swingset


NOMINEES – Kasidie – My Wild Lifestyle – Quiver

WINNER Kasidie


NOMINEES – Tabu (MD)- The Private Affair (MD)- TJ’s Lasting Impressions (PA)



NOMINEES – Club Joi (Los Angeles)- Freedom Acres (San Bernardino)- Hankie Pankie (South Cali)

WINNER Freedom Acres (San Bernardino)


NOMINEES – Scarlet Ranch (CO)- Couples Oasis (NV)- The Club (OK)

WINNER Scarlet Ranch (CO)


NOMINEES – Caliente Resorts (Tampa)- Club Hedonmism (Pompano Beach)- Trapeze (Ft.Lauderdale)

WINNER Trapeze (Ft.Lauderdale)


NOMINEES – Club Nymphos (Baton Rouge)- Colette (New Orleans)- Hub City Select (Hattiesburg)

WINNER Colette (New Orleans)


NOMINEES – 4-SPC (AR)- Couples Choice (IL)- The Champagne Club (IN)

WINNER The Champagne Club (IN)


NOMINEES – Role Play Lounge (NJ)- Caligula (NY)- Le Trapeze (NY)

WINNER (TIE) Roly Play Lounge (NJ) & Caligula (NY)


NOMINEES – Eros Events (WA)- Club Sesso (OR)- New Horizons (WA)

WINNER New Horizons (WA)


NOMINEES – Trapeze (GA)- Menages Club (TN,) The Social Club (TN)

WINNER Trapeze (GA)


NOMINEES – Colette (Dallas)- Mystery Zone (Houston,) Players ATX (Austin)

WINNER Colette (Dallas)