Wednesdays at ClubFA

Wednesdays at ClubFA 8pm to 2am

Wednesdays at Freedom Acres / Club FA are a great night for a “Hump Day Meet n Greet” in a friendly, “Cheers”  like atmosphere with a naughty twist. We have DJ’s to get  you moving all night long. There is the main stage complete with poles for the ladies, dance floor & Live DJ

Come dance to the beat of Groove, Bump and Grind, Hip Hop and high energy music, mingle and meet.  You can be mild to wild, angelic or a bit devilish. It’s not called Freedom Acres for nothing!


Open to couples, single females and select single men:

  • Couples are $40.00
  • Membership is only $50.00 for a full year to ClubFA.
  • Single men are $70.00 with an annual $25.00 membership
  • Single ladies are FREE


Wednesdays there is a light snack buffet and prizes. As always we offer:

Thursday at ClubFA

Be sure and call first if you are not a member. Your first visit to Freedom Acres / Club FA always starts with a phone interview. For information see our Membership page.

Freedom Acres / Club FA has a dress code to ensure the club atmosphere we want to portray. Think “dress to impress”. See our House Rules page for more information about club attire.

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